10 Most Overrated Drummers In The Music Industry

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Drumming is a pretty well-known musical instrument. Many people look up to drummers and the influence they have on music. Music lovers admire good drummers for their skills to combine sounds into rhythms and create a musical framework.

Many popular music artists have iconic drummers that people look up to. Some of these artists are Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and many more. There are some iconic drummers that people know and admire, but are they truly the best?

There has been some debate on who the greatest drummer of all time is, but most agree on some top contenders. Fred Flintstone is considered one of the best due to his simplicity and unique style. Other greats include Questlove, Travis Barker, and Chad Smith who all have different styles.

This article will discuss 10 most overrated drummers in the music industry today.

Buddy Rich

10 Most Overrated Drummers in the Music Industry

While we’re on the topic of drummers, let’s talk about Buddy Rich. Known as one of the greatest drummers of all time, many people refer to him as the best drummer of classic jazz era.

He was known for his technical skill and rhythm. Many praise him for his ability to keep a steady beat and innovation in his rhythms.

However, many critics say that his ability to keep a steady beat did not translate well into larger ensembles. Some even go as far to say that some of his performances looked rough when taken into context with the rest of the band.

What this says about popularity: While he may not have been the best drummer for large groups, he was still very popular during his time. He got lots of attention for being a great drummer, which helped boost his career.

Takeaway: Do not rely on only one quality of someone to determine if they are good or popular- look at their whole profile.

Gene Krupa

10 Most Overrated Drummers in the Music Industry

American drummer Gene Krupa is often considered one of the greatest drummers of all time. He is credited with creating the drum set as we know it today.

He innovated the use of the bass drum, adding a second pedal to play more drums, which then became the hi-hat. He also added more drums and reorganised them into what is now called the rock format.

However, while he may have helped create the popularisation of the modern drum set, his style is not very relevant today. Many songs that feature him in recordings are no longer played at concerts or clubs due to how old they sound.

Krupa was known for his bombastic style, which some say distracted from the rest of the band. While he was technically proficient, some say he was not very subtle or expressive which limited his effectiveness.

Despite this, many young aspiring musicians look up to him and cite him as an influence, which keeps his name circulating in the music world.

Alex Van Halen

10 Most Overrated Drummers in the Music Industry

As we mentioned earlier, the Van Halen brothers are considered some of the greatest and most influential drummers of all time. However, Alex is often overrated by many fans and critics.

Many praise him for his technical skill and double bass skills, but he is criticized for being boring and monotonous in his playing. This is probably because he focuses more on keeping a solid groove than creating interesting patterns or breaks.

Aside from that, he has been praised for his ability to match the rest of the band in terms of tempo changes which is a hard thing to do as a drummer. So, even though he may be plain or average in some areas, he makes up for it in others.

Overall, Alex Van Halen is considered an excellent drummer that has brought lots of attention to himself and VH due to his fame.

Lars Ulrich

10 Most Overrated Drummers in the Music Industry

Metallica is one of the most famous bands of all time. Their bassist, Jason Newsted, left the band in 2001, and Ulrich recruited a new drummer to replace him.

His name was Nick Menza and many consider him to be a superior drummer. He had excellent timing and was very creative with his beats. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2017 at the age of 52 due to heart disease.

Many fans believe that Menza’s creativity is what inspired some of Ulrich’s signature drum beats. For example, his simple beat on the song “Enter Sandman” is very creative since it sounds like a heartbeat accelerating—an effect that was not planned!

However, some fans believe that he is overrated and that his talent is not recognized by many people because of his affiliation with Metallica.

Neil Peart

10 Most Overrated Drummers in the Music Industry

One of the most celebrated and respected drummers in the music industry is Neil Peart. He is most known for his work with the band Rush.

He has been a strong influence on many modern day drummers. His style is described as complex with lots of fills and witty timing. Many praise him for his ability to add flavor to songs with his drums.

Many fans agree that he is very talented, but some say he is overrated. Some fans believe that other musicians, like guitarists, contribute more to the music than his drums do.

However, others say that it is his talent on the drums that bring out the best in Rush’s songs, making him not overrated, but deserving of praise. Many other bands use him as an inspiration to hire a good drummer.

Overall, he is considered to be an above average drummer, but not the best.

Bill Ward

Bill Ward is a drummer who was originally part of the band Black Sabbath. He was part of the band since its formation in 1968 until his departure in 2012.

Ward is highly praised for his drumming skills, with many fans citing him as one of the best drummers of all time. Many fans refer to him as the backbone of the band due to his consistent, quality drumming.

Despite his praise and success, many fan bases argue he is overrated. Many fan bases claim that other members of the band, such as guitarist Tony Iommi, are more integral to the sound of Black Sabbath. This argument claims that Bill Ward merely replicates what other members of the band do, only with drums.

Overall, Bill Ward is considered overrated by some fans due to his reputation as an exceptional drummer, when other fans argue he is average. He may not be average overall, but within the context of Black Sabbath, he is considered so.

Phil Collins

10 Most Overrated Drummers in the Music Industry

With all due respect to Mr. Collins, his drumming is far from phenomenal. In fact, a large portion of his repertoire is downright simple. That does not mean it is bad, but it is definitely overrated.

Many of his songs feature basic drum patterns that anyone with a decent sense of rhythm could play. While he may have had some help with the song composition, it is likely that he wrote these patterns himself.

His popularity may stem from his ability to sing at the same time as he plays. Many popular songs of his feature him singing both lyrics and melody while he plays the drums. This draws attention to him as an artist rather than just his drumming talent.

Despite all of this, Phil Collins is still considered one of the most famous musicians today which speaks volumes about his other talents.

Tommy Lee

10 Most Overrated Drummers in the Music Industry

Drummers are one of the most iconic musicians in any music genre. With the development of technology, creating beats and rhythm has become easier with every update.

Many popular songs today are created by using a software that produces beats and rhythms. This software can be used by amateur musicians to create full songs with full instrumentals.

Unfortunately, this can be a bad thing. Many new songs are produced with just a beat and no other instruments, leaving out what makes music music- harmony and texture. This can also take away from the songwriter’s intent.

While it is great for amateurs to learn how to produce their own music, professional artists should look for other musicians to collaborate with to add more texture to the song.

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