30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags For Musicians And Bands

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Hashtags are a great way to get your music noticed on social media. While people can find your music and videos via Google, Instagram does not have an easy way to search for content.

Instagram is a photo-sharing platform where you can connect with your followers through posts with a short caption or long captions. Posts can be made public or privated, giving you lots of opportunities to spread the word about your music.

Using appropriate hashtags on Instagram will make it easier for people to find and follow you. You will also gain new followers that may be fans of your music based on the tags they use.

This article will discuss 30 must-use hashtags for musicians and bands. These are free tags that anyone can use so there is no need to spend any money on them! They are also general enough to be used by many artists making them more useful.


30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags for Musicians and Bands

While #guitar has been a pretty popular hashtag for all things guitar, it is also a great one for musicians to use.

Many songs are released every day, making it hard to find new music. By using the guitar hashtag, you can find new listeners and fans who are looking for new songs to listen to.

Users who look for music on the guitar hashtags may even listen to your songs, which can bring more exposure.

Instagram has had problems with fake accounts and spammers so using the geotag on photos may not be the best strategy.


30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags for Musicians and Bands

If you are a bass player, then #bass is a great hashtag to use. This is because many people use the word bass as a derogatory term for someone else’s music.

It can be hard to get people to notice your bass playing when people can only hear your instrument in your videos. Using this hashtag will allow other bass players to find your account and like and follow you.

It is important to use social media smartly, and this applies to Instagram as well. You should not spend too much time putting together an image or post, but instead make them simple and stunning.

Use filters that make your images look professional and grab the attention of followers.


30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags for Musicians and Bands

If you are a drummer, then you should definitely use the #drums hashtag. It is one of the more popular music hashtags, and it allows people to find other drummers and bands that they like.

Many times, people look up musicians on Instagram to see what drums they use and where they get them. This is great publicity for the companies that make the drums!

If you do not have many posts, then just post a photo of your drum set with the #drums hashtag and it will get some traction. People love looking at photos of drums, so even if you are not a famous musician, people will appreciate the aesthetic.


30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags for Musicians and Bands

Hashtags related to music are a great way to gain new followers. People search for music hashtags to find new songs or artists to listen to.

Using hashtags like #singing, #sing, and #croon is not only corny but very useful. Have your fans add you on Spotify? Add these hashtags as a feature so people can find you!

People love music and are constantly looking for new songs and artists to follow. By using music related hashtags, you are exposing your music to more people who might enjoy it.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow you to add more than fifty tags per post. This means you have to pick and choose which ones you want on your post. Luckily, people still manage to find your page even if you do not use all the tags!

Make sure you do not overuse them, though. Keep it one or two per post so that your posts look natural.


30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags for Musicians and Bands

While not specifically for music, hashtags can be used to promote your music. Hashtags that relate to songwriting or lyrics are a great way to get your name out there.

People love reading new lyrics and listening to new songs so this is a great way to get some new fans. You can also use this hashtag when you have released your song and are looking for followers.

People who are looking for new songs to listen to will find you if you use this hashtag. It is a way of promoting your music without having to spend any money on advertising. It is also very accessible, anyone can find and use this hashtag!

If you do not feel comfortable putting your lyrics out there, then try singing a song acapella (without music) and taking a short video of it.


30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags for Musicians and Bands

Rehearsal photos are a great way to show your band members and how hard you work together. Rehearsal selfies are also fun to post!

Posting rehersal photos on Instagram lets your followers know that you are working hard and preparing for something.

People like seeing the behind-the-scenes work put in and how much you care about what you do. It shows your dedication and passion for your art and music.

Your fans will appreciate the updates on what you are working on, too. If they could not make it to the actual rehearsal, this is a good way for them to see what is going on.

Using hashtags like #rehearsal, #practice, or #musicpractice will get your post more exposure.


30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags for Musicians and Bands

Hashtagging your posts with #liveperformance is a great way to get your music in front of people who are looking to book artists for gigs.

If you are looking to gain new followers, creating a live performance on Instagram is a great way to do so. Other users can discover you and watch your video or video clips, adding more exposure.

By tagging your post with #liveperformance, other users can find you and watch your videos, even if they are not your followers. This gives you more opportunities for gigs!

If you do not want to take the chance of losing some of your fans at a gig, then try hosting an open call event for people to come see you perform.


30 Must-Use Instagram Hashtags for Musicians and Bands

Hashtags can be used not only for Instagram, but also for Twitter and Facebook. Many people do not realize this, thus making it an underused feature.

Concerts are a huge part of life for many people. Whether you are into music or not, most people have been to a concert. Tours are the name of the series of concerts that artists do during their promotion cycle for an album or series of albums.

Hashtags like #concertlife highlight the fun and glamorous parts of being in the music industry- touring, showing off your concert outfits, and sharing with your fans!

Using hashtags to highlight other parts of being in the music industry is a great way to connect with other artists and fans. Having connections is important for building your fan base and fanbase loyalty.


“I wake up every morning determined to both change the world and change my mind, but I often find that I am contending with both the world and myself at the same time.” – Mark Twain

Contests on social media are a great way to grow your following as well as generate interest in your content. An easy way to create a contest is through Instagram! This chapter will go over how to create an Instagram contest that will bring new followers and interest in your content.

Instagram contests can be based on several things: following someone new, liking a post, using a specific hashtag, posting a specific photo or video, or using their product or service. The more creative the contest, the more people will engage in it!

This chapter will go over some basic tips on how to run an effective Instagram contest that will bring in new followers as well as interest in your content.

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