5 Inspiring Drummers Who Overcame Adversity

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Drumming is a universal language. No matter what culture you’re in, everyone seems to enjoy a good beat. For many, drumming is a passion as well as an outlet for creativity and expression.

Drummers are creative artists who use rhythm as their medium. Whether you play the drums or not, everyone can appreciate a good drummer. The best drummers are ones that can’t be replaced by any machine or technology- they bring something unique to the table.

Many famous musicians have praised and mentioned how important their drummers have been to their groups and songs. Some of the most famous musicians are also some of the most famous drummers, proving how important this role is.

There have been many inspirational drummers that have overcome adversity to achieve their success. This article will talk about five of them.

Alex Van Halen

5 Inspiring Drummers Who Overcame Adversity

As the drummer for the legendary rock band Van Halen, Alex Van Halen has already made a name for himself in the music world.

However, before he joined his brother Eddie’s band, Alex spent several years as a professional drummer in his own right.

Alex Van Halen earned his fame as a session drummer and later as the leader of his own band, called Anslem Clemens. In addition to being a talented drumming, Alex is also known for his signature double-bass drum technique.

In 2004, after being with the band for over ten years, Alex resigned from Anslem Clemens due to personal issues. Shortly after leaving the band, he entered rehab for alcohol abuse. Since then, he has been sober and working on bringing back his career as a drummer.

Despite having personal struggles with alcohol abuse, Alex Van Halen has continued to inspire other drummers with his talent and dedication to the music industry.

Taylor Hawkins

5 Inspiring Drummers Who Overcame Adversity

While we’ve covered some great drummers so far, this section will take a look at a different kind of musical mastermind. While many drummers work their craft alone, these five inspired others with their music.

Taylor Hawkins is a rock drummer who gained fame as the drummer in the band Foo Fighters. He has also performed with other well-known bands like Birdmouth and Hawkins Family.

Hawkins began playing drums at age twelve after his parents bought him a electronic drum set. Just three years later, he was performing in public and touring with local bands. His talent for drumming clearly came naturally to him!

In 1994, Hawkins joined a band called Wiretap Symphony where he performed his first professional gig. After touring for two years, the band broke up which gave Hawkins the opportunity to join his current band, Foo Fighters.

Since joining the band, they have become one of the most successful rock bands of all time.

Matt Helders

One of the greatest drummers of our time is Matt Helders. He is best known for his work with the Arctic Monkeys. He has been playing drums since he was twelve years old and is very passionate about it.

Helders has always had a love for music, especially listening to different types of music. This influenced his own musical style and what he loves about the art form.

What is so amazing about Helders is how he can transition his own style into other styles of music. He can take a song and instantly add a different feel or tempo to it, which shows his expertise in the art of drumming.

Another thing that makes him so great is how well he integrates with the other musicians on stage. Being able to work with others to create a beat that fits everyone’s style is important for success as a drummer.

Aaron Spears

5 Inspiring Drummers Who Overcame Adversity

One of the most inspiring drummers is definitely Aaron Spears. He is a renowned drummer who has worked with many famous artists, including Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kanye West.

Spears is blind, however he has always had an admiration for music and drums. As a child, he would listen to music and try to understand it through the rhythm.

He spent many hours listening to the radio and trying to identify songs based on the drum beat. He also learned how to play other instruments like the guitar and piano, which helped him develop his musical ear.

His first big break came when he was invited to tour with N’Sync. At the time, he was working in a furniture store and was not a professional drummer yet, but his passion for music got him this opportunity. He ended up touring with them for two years while developing his skills even more.

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