Alphabet Musical

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This week, we’re going to learn some easy ways to make your own alphabet songs! You will need nothing more than music software, a microphone, and you are good to go. These songs can be for yourself or for kids to learn their letters.

There are many different styles of making an alphabet song. Some people start with the letter of the song and work up from there, adding new parts as they get closer to having the whole thing. Others add in sounds that correspond with the letter at first and then develop the rest of the song around it.

Whatever style you choose, just make sure you like the lyrics and understand them before putting these into practice. Sometimes, even though the song has a sound effect corresponding with a certain letter, the person singing doesn’t use the right tone or lose part of the word because they don’t relate to the sound. It is best to check out your average beginner’s tips before diving in fully.

Musical letter names

alphabet musical

Let’s take a look at some other easy ways to learn your alphabet! Musical letter names are one of the best way to start because they use music as the main source for learning the letters of the English language.

Music is a powerful tool that helps develop focus, understanding, and recognition. The more you expose yourself to, the better! This includes listening to it and practicing it, either formally or casually.

Musical letter names get the brain thinking about the sound of the letter while also incorporating rhythm, melody, and lyrics. These all help shape vocabulary and concepts in the language.

There are several resources available online with musical letter name flash cards and lessons. You can quickly review them and then move onto the next card or lesson.

I recommend starting with the first few cards of the introduction before moving forward from there.

Popular alphabet songs

alphabet musical

Many children learn their first few letters of the alphabet from singing and dancing to music! These songs usually begin with the letter or sound that is repeated, followed by other sounds that match. For example, if the song starts with the word “ball” then you would sing the ball part twice as fast while keeping the tone same.

Many kids start learning the ABCs at a young age when these songs are learned properly. Unfortunately, not all parents know how to teach this important skill due to lack of information or experience.

That’s why we decided to make an educational guide for all the popular alphabet songs so that every parent can easily educate themselves on how to teach their child the most basic fundamental skill — how to read!

To save yourself some time, our best friend service quickly scans your phone for any unfamiliar words so you don’t have to! You could also use Word List Plus to look up the rest of the words.

Famous alphabet songs

alphabet musical

Many people know very little of the English language, so it is important to recognize how popular song lyrics teach you new vocabulary and grammar. These songs are famous for their use of spelling and/or pronounced word replacements that mean the same thing!

For example, the Beatles’s classic song I Want To Hold Your Hand uses the phrase “touch down” in place of the words “hold up.” This is a substitution because both refer to landing a plane. The song also uses the word “handlebar” instead of the more common term “handle.”

The reason these substitutions work is because they are based on the similar looking letters. When you learn the meaning of a word, look up its corresponding letter to see if there are other similarly sounding ones.

I love alphabet songs

alphabet musical

Sometimes, you just need to sing an easy song with fun music and lyrics that teach you something new! An example of this is my favorite type of song: I-love-alphabet-songs.

I have sang several songs like “A” for all words start with the letter A or “B” for all letters begin with the word bag, and many others.

These types of songs are great because they easily learnable content and they make you feel good about yourself as you sing them. They also help motivate you to look up the letter or word soon after singing them since it is familiarized.

Alphabet song dance moves

alphabet musical

Let’s do our alphabet! For this challenge, we will be dancing to an “alphabet song” that begins with the letter A. The music and dance pattern for this song comes from South Africa where it is known as the Lion Dance or Rhythm of the Mountain.

The lion dance was first used in a ritual setting during the Zulu Kingdom around 500 AD. It then spread throughout Southern Africa where it became part of many cultures including the Xhosa, Basotho, Ndebele, Sesuto, Vakazi, Shangaan, and others.

In these traditions, young men would learn how to perform the rhythm of the mountain by practicing on their feet and hands alone before adding extra movements such as lifting one leg up or swinging both legs forward. When they are performing the rhythm of the mountain together, there are three main steps: foot step, hand wave, and knee slide.

The foot step corresponds to the second note of the song, while the hand wave corresponds to the third note. The kneeslide goes along with the fourth note of the song.

Alphabet song lyrics

alphabet musical

The first verse of most songs contains an alphabet sequence that changes according to the last letter of each line. This pattern continues throughout the second, third, and sometimes even fourth verses! Some examples are:

The very popular “Happy Birthday” starts off with A then D, B then G, and so on until H is reached.

Started out as one word, “Poker” becomes P, O, G, and K when broken down in this way.

Many people call the chorus of Katy Perry’s hit song “(I Wanna) Part Of Your Life” the ‘alphabet song’ because it uses the same letters for each line.

Popular alphabet symbols

alphabet musical

Let’s talk about some popular alphabet shapes! The word shape, or glyph, for the letter A is called an alpha shape. This is because it resembles the first letter in the Greek word for lion — alphas.

The beta shape is similar to b which begins the word “bell.” And the gamma shape looks like g which starts the name of most things: gamut.

Famous alphabet symbols

alphabet musical

Sometimes, while listening to music, you will come across an interesting pattern or rhythm of notes. These patterns are called lyrics and they usually use the letters of the English language or the alphabet in some form. For example, the word “diamond” is made up of the letter D followed by the letter i then the letter n then the letter d. The song this comes from is called Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend!

Another famous set of lyrics uses only the first five letters of the alphabet (A-E) with each letter rhyming with the next. This was done for fun and it is very cleverly done. Check out these lyrics here.

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