This is How Quinto and Tumba Drums Are Played

Fun drums you can play with your hands! A lot of my fellow Jam Addict team members are drummers. Drums and percussion are actually the most popular instruments here in the office (guitar is the second most popular, in case you’re wondering).  The other day I was going through the Jam Addict Compound studio and […]

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Jam Addict Talks Shop (Feat. Arswain)

Interview with the LA-based composer and musician on the nuts and bolts of his latest project Arswain is the conceptual electronic project of Los Angeles-based composer and producer Freddy Avis. His latest album, Partitioning, is a unique swirl of styles, from electronica to dance music, that provides listeners with equal opportunities to both dance and […]

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5 Best PDF Beginner Lessons For Drums!

Do you want to learn how to play the drums with step-by-step training? Are you trying to find starter drum lessons that will show you the basic basics of how to play the drum set? If so, you've come to the right place! We've assembled a quick starter guide to help you get you playing […]

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10 Worst Musicians of the 2000s

If hindsight were 20/20... Let me fill you in on this weird theory that I have: I'll bet every penny in my savings account that I can prove the 2000s spawned some of the lamest and straight-up embarrassing musicians the world has ever seen. I'm serious – even the 1970s with its strange clothing and […]

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Who is the WORST Singer in the World?—🥁*drum roll*

When it comes to singers there is plenty of room to botch it. Some of us, by dint of their musical training, are more aware of when someone completely falls on their face. However, to some, it is just completely obvious that they can't hold a tune. We want to officially give the award for […]

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The Worst Musicians Today: Who Are They?

Facts About 23 "Despised" Bands That Are Crazy Successful - Best Life RevealedThis list consists of the artists and musicians who have actually been considered the worst musicians ever by our staff. We know that our opinions don't mean much, and we don't really take ourselves too seriously. But sometimes we just need to vent […]

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