How To Play Indie Music On Guitar

As a beginner in music, you have two options. You can either get by on licks and songs you learned or you can study the fundamentals. Independent Music is indie rock and indie pop that originates in America. Independent music is the music that you listen to when you’re driving alone in the car, without […]

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What Does Indie Music Mean?

This article will discuss what does indie music mean, who it's for, and what makes it worth listening to. It's easy to forget that "indie music" has been a term that has existed as long as there has been music. Often dismissed as niche or under-appreciated, this genre of music was defined in the mid-twentieth […]

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What Is The Meaning Of Alternative Music?

Some people argue that it is the top of the alternative music chart. Alternative is a very tricky term, however, there are certain aspects that differentiate it from other music genres. You could say that alternative music has similarities with rock music. Alternative music is similar to rock music in that it is intended to […]

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The BEST Beginner Drum Set Warm Ups

This article will discuss beginner drum set warm ups, as well as providing exercises and drills for each one. I will also give detailed instructions on how to do each one. Hopefully this will come in handy for you in your quest to become a better drummer, and allow you to step your game up […]

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Just What Is The Definition Of 'Indie Music'?

This article will discuss what is the definition of indie music and compare it to mainstream music and see where they collide. What is Indie Music? There is a phrase floating around now that describes indie music. It says that it is "music made by and for people who are disaffected with the commercial, corporate, […]

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AMAZING Triplets Exercises For The DRUMS

In this article, we will discuss triplets and how to apply them on the drums. We will also give our favourite triplet exercises on the drums. Essentially, a triplet is a pair of rhythms. A triplet is three measures played at the same time. A set of triplets can be played in all parts of […]

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