Bands That Broke up and Got Back Together

Feuds and disputes among band members are extremely common especially when it comes to popular bands. Many great bands have stopped making music because the members could not even stand to attend the same conventions together. As a music fan, you must feel pretty bad about this common fact of the industry. The good thing, […]

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Drummers Who Started Late in Life

Passion knows no bounds but age can sometimes play a defining factor. Is it ever too old to start playing the drums? No way! Here's a list of several drummers who started late in their lives and still became hugely successful. But let’s first analyze what age is ideal to start playing the drums. What […]

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How Much Do Musicians Make per Gig

We all love live performance because they are thrilling and lively, but have you ever thought how much do musicians earn from these events? That’s exactly what we will discuss in this article. But let’s first look at how much do musicians earn annually. General estimates suggest that musicians on average earn $35,000 per year. […]

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What Are The Problems Musicians Face?

Beneath its glitz, glamour, pop and dazzle, the music industry has a sordid and seedy underbelly. It is built on the sweat and blood of many musical aspirants who find their dreams burnt out and never manage to rise to the top. In short, while you are allowed to attend concerts and enjoy music, we must […]

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8 Cheap Ways to Soundproof a Room for Drums

These days it is terribly hard to find a music studio that does not charge an exorbitant fee. So, if you are an aspiring drummer looking to find the perfect space to practice your drumming, look no further than your own room! But what about all the noise complaints your neighbors and roommates are bound […]

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How to Soundproof a Music Room Cheaply?

It is crucial to soundproof a music room because one can’t afford to be distracted from outside noises. If you want to learn about soundproofing your music room, then this piece will shed light on “how to soundproof a music room cheaply.” The methods suggested may be used individually, but they tend to work better […]

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