Drums in the Bible – What Do Biblical References Say?

Want to know what has been said about drums in the bible? Let’s dive in! Drums in the Bible We find the mention of many musical instruments in the bible – and perhaps the most important one of them is the ‘drum’. Although the exact word ‘drum’ hasn’t been used in the bible, there are […]

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Drum Set Anatomy: A List of the Names of Drums and Their Parts

Interested in learning the different drums parts names? You’ve come to the right place! A drum set has been one of the most exciting instruments in a musical band for years. Looking from afar, you may think a drum kit is only about cymbals and shells but it’s absolutely not! So many big and small parts […]

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7 Common Drums Used in Folk Music

If we look at the history of traditional music, we’ll see that people belonging to a wide range of tribes have been using drums as an important instrument to produce enchanting music. It didn’t take too long for drums to become a staple of folk music. Today, many different types of drums are being used […]

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6 Types of Drums Used in an Orchestra

Orchestral percussion usually doesn’t require a drum set but we see one in several compositions. The popularity of drums in orchestras dates back to the earliest of times. People have been using different types of drums in an orchestra to maintain the rhythm, produce unique sounds, and add excitement to the performance ever since. Let’s discuss […]

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Drums Too Loud On Stage – What Can I Do?

Worried about drums too loud on stage? You probably have thought of ‘caging’ the drummers to dampen the sound. But will a huge glass fort look cool on the stage? Probably not so much! It would have been great if drums came with a volume dial but sadly, they don’t. But it doesn’t mean you can’t […]

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8 Popular Types of Drums Used across the World - *Drum Roll*

I love learning about different drums that are used across the world. Rhythm is so innate to the human animal that basically every culture has created certain drums to express it. Over the years I’ve become fascinated with how different peoples have made drums, not to mention the rhythmic language that comes with it. Here’s […]

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