What is the Best Learn to Read Music App for Android?

Reading music is hard and it can take a while to master this talent. Trying to make sense of musical notations—the dots, the symbols and the lines— can be exhausting and nerve-wracking. However, this does not mean you can’t learn how to read music. It is true that not everyone can afford to hire a […]

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Best Drums to Buy for a Beginner!

With so many drum kits to buy it sure can get difficult for beginners to decide which one to invest in. This is where we come to your assistance! In this article we’ll tell you exactly what you need to look out for in your first drum kit.  But first, let’s have a quick look […]

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Most Hated Musicians of All Time

Having haters is the unfortunate consequence of being a superstar. It goes hand in hand with amassing a legion of fans. One is as likely to lose clout as easily as they are likely to shoot to heights of fame in Hollywood. Often a singer or a band is at the receiving end of hate […]

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Health Benefits of Hand Drumming

Advancement in technology has helped us assess the effect of musical instruments on our brains via. Scientific research and MRI scans have revealed that learning how to play different musical instruments helps engage different areas of the brain. Engaging in activities such as hand drumming requires coordination and attention to produce synchronized rhythmic beats, which […]

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Benefits of Music on Health and Athletic Performance

Music has been a mainstay of human art and culture since the dawn of recorded culture itself. Present in every one of the great civilizations of history, musical compositions and forms have been used to transmit details of legends, history, society, culture and much more. Other than just being a significant marker of progress and […]

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The Fastest Drummers of All Time

Do you know who the fastest drummers of all times are and how they learned to master such a skill? That’s exactly what we will discuss in this article! But let’s first look into the special skills that all fast drummers have in common. The basics of an expert drummer A good drummer knows the […]

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