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As we continue to explore different genres of music, there are many ways to classify songs. One of the most popular methods is by their lyrics or narrative. A song with powerful lyrics that tell a story can be considered narratively-based.

Music has always been a form of expression for people. We create it, listen to it, and feel emotions while listening to it. It is also one of the greatest tools to learn about ourselves as humans.

We get into songs and we find similarities in our lives. For example, both my current favorite song and my current life situation are about overcoming adversity and moving forward.

Bob Dylan

b howard music

In just his second year as an artist, Bob Dylan solidified himself as one of the biggest names in music with a string of hit songs that continue to grow in popularity every time they are listened to or watched.

His first major break came when he wrote and performed what is considered to be the defining song of The Sixties, “Like A Rolling Stone”. It was originally released in January 1965, but didn’t achieve widespread recognition until months later when it appeared on the soundtrack for Martin Scorsese’s film adaptation of George Orwell’s classic novel 1984.

Since then, the track has sold over five million copies worldwide and received several Grammy awards. However, what many don’t know is that the lyrics to this famous tune were written long before Dylan ever put pen to paper. He simply re-worked them into something more personal.

Dylan had already written some of the verses to what would eventually become “Rolling Stone” back in November 1963. At that time however, he decided not to include them because he felt they were too direct and honest – which is probably why they weren’t included at all!

It wasn’t until years later when he finally gave up writing poetry completely that these earlier versions found their way onto paper once again. By this stage though, he had replaced the original title with one that better described who the song was about.

Bob Marley

b howard music

One of the most well-known reggae musicians in history is definitely not his music! Many people know him for his songs such as “You Got This,” or his hit song with The Jackson 5, “I’ll Be There.” But what many don’t realize about Bob was that he didn’t just write his own lyrics, but also played several instruments including guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums.

He even learned how to play some of these instruments himself. For example, he self taught himself how to play guitar by learning different chords and notes and then putting them together to make songs. He eventually picked up enough to perform along to these songs.

His love for music came from an early age. His father was very supportive of his dreams, letting him listen to whatever he wanted while growing up. He would often take him to concerts, where he could learn more about the music.

It’s no wonder he loved playing so much; he said it made him feel good. When he wasn’t listening to records, he was probably singing along out loud or practicing his instrument.

After developing his skills at a young age, he never lost interest in music. Even after becoming famous, he still spent time studying and perfecting his craft.

Buddy Holly

b howard music

One of the most famous musicians in history was born Robert Allen “Buddy” Hollway in Linton, Iowa on January 2nd, 1941. He died tragically at just twenty-four years old in an automobile accident in Clearfield, Utah while he was on his way to perform for a crowd there.

Hollway is best known as one of the founders of what is now referred to as The Beatles. In fact, he wrote or co-wrote many songs that are staples in almost any collection of classic rock music. These include such beloved tunes as Why Can’t I Have (A Guy Like) That Girl, Oh What A Night, It’s So Hard To Tell Who Is Good And Who Is Bad, and Happy Birthday.

The Beatles

After meeting at an audition in May 1962, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were asked if they knew anything about music. They both said yes and then shared their favorite songs.

McCartney mentioned two different songs that he liked and included lyrics to both of them. One was “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and the other was “She Loves You.” He also sang one of his own songs, which was called “And I Love Her.”

Starr agreed with him and added his own song as well as some famous quotes. His song was called “Good Morning Good Morning” and he quoted Bob Dylan for the line “So let’s have a look at you, babe.

Chuck Berry

b howard music

The music of singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and all around legend Chuck Berry is defined by its lyrics and vocals. His singing style has been described as gravelly, raspy, soulful, gritty, and butterball.

His songs tell stories that appeal to various demographics – from his sexually suggestive “Naked You” to his more sentimental ballads like “You Can’t Hurry Love.” Many of his tracks feature catchy bass lines and guitar licks which have become integral parts of popular music.

He was one of the first artists to experiment with rock music. He took influence from blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, country, and funk and incorporated them into his sound.

Chuck Berry’s musical legacy will continue to be felt for years to come. He left his mark on countless generations through his music and consistently high quality output.

Frank Sinatra

b howard music

As we know, Frank Sinatra was one of the most famous singers in America. He is known for his incredible voice and charismatic stage presence. His singing style incorporated many different musical genres and he always sang with intensity.

Sinatra started performing at an early age, taking part in local talent shows. It was not until he graduated high school that he made it onto television as a full-time singer.

He eventually signed with Columbia Records and had great success. Many people have received songwriting credits for helping him write songs such as “My Way” and “That’s or This Is The Worst I Can Do.”

These are just some examples of how well Sinatra wrote his own material. People who have written songs about love include Bob Dylan and Elton John. Both writers got their start writing lyrics for other artists before they were able to get their own music career.

George Michael

b howard music

One of Britain’s most beloved singer-songwriters, George Michael left us far too soon in December 2018. He was 53 years old.

Born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in Bromley, South London, to Greek Cypriot immigrant parents, he began performing music at an early age. While he never received formal training as a musician, his natural talent allowed him to hone his craft and he eventually landed several successful songs.

He is perhaps best known for his song “Faith,” which he wrote while struggling with faith after leaving Christianity as a child. The lyrics describe a person who has lost their sense of spirituality and need to find it again.

In June 2001, he released his debut album Careful What You Do Here Comes Tomorrow. Since then, he has gone on to release five more studio albums and two live albums. His latest album titled A Different Story features contributions from such artists as Miley Cyrus, Charli XCX, Khalid, and Twenty Two (musical group).

His musical style has been described as neo-Britpop, new wave, alternative rock, soft rock, and folk. He also experimented with dance styles during his career, including house, techno, electro, and drum n’ bass.

He is one of the greatest musicians ever to perform and his legacy will be felt long into the future.

The Grateful Dead

b howard music

As we know, the name of the band was not always The Grateful Dead! In fact, they didn’t even use that as their final name until well into their career. Before then, they went by many different monikers including Masques, Acid Tests, Warlocks, etc.

The first time we hear the phrase “the Grateful Dead” is in an article published back in February 1967 under the headline, ‘Acid Test’ for music group. It describes how this particular ensemble performed at least three songs while drinking acid.

This isn’t to say that members never used drugs before or after this event took place but it does show that the media has recorded the term being used at this early stage in the band’s history.

It also seems pretty clear that someone from the outside looking in wouldn’t necessarily have known what the word acid referred to- although probably most people knew what LSD was. Many musicians experimented with hallucinogens during this era so having a few references would be common knowledge.

Overall, it’s great to see the band getting some recognition almost 50 years later and knowing what they were called at such a crucial part of their development makes it more special.

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