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Posted by Mike Schumacher

While not every song by R&B singer B Howard is appropriate for listening, his songs all have something to say. Many of his songs deal with issues such as racism, sexism, homophobia, classism, and more. His lyrics often address social ills and sometimes call out people or things for their negative actions.

His music can be described as alternative hip hop due to his use of unconventional rhyming styles and metaphors that are related to current events. He has been referred to as an “urban griot” which means he uses storytelling in his music to get his points across.

He was known for using elaborate metaphors and symbolism in his songs. These references usually relate to black culture or politics but do not limit himself to those topics only.

Howard was able to apply his knowledge of African cultures to inspire many of his songs. This includes incorporating rhymes about Ghanaian foods, Nigerian festivals, or other countries and cultures.

He was very conscious of racial equality and actively promoted it through his career and personal life.

Blue Bossy

b howard songs

As we have seen, there are many songs about being rich or having lots of money. But what if we asked you to think beyond that? What if we asked you to consider how some artists use their music to talk about something bigger than just material wealth? These lyrics go deeper than “I’m a wealthy man” or “Keep your head up high”!

Many of these tunes focus on themes such as happiness, success, confidence, motivation, inspiration, hope, faith –the list goes on. They discuss qualities like generosity, gratitude, self-reflection, humility, etc. Some even promote altruism, giving away more of your money or resources so that someone else can enjoy them!

Music has an incredible power to affect our emotions, shape our perceptions, and influence how we perceive others. Therefore, it is important to give credit to those who write meaningful songs with powerful messages.

Blues Come Around

The blues is a music genre that has many sub-genres. One of these is the bop style, which was popularized by musicians such as Duke Ellington and James Brown. Bops feature syncopated rhythms, long notes, and frequent modulation (changing key).

The song “Blues Come Around” is an example of bop music. It is in the A major tonal region, with a meter of 4/4 time. This means it has four beats per measure, and each beat is separated by a quarter note or shorter interval.

The first two lines contain a repeated word pair; in this case, the pairs are “baby I love you…I do” and “but when we make love my baby I need to feel your touch.” These lines both describe how the singer wants to make out with his girlfriend, but he needs some extra touches before he will.

He needs to feel her self confidence going up while shes making eye contact with him, and he needs to see that she likes what they are doing before he can fully enjoy himself. He wants to know that she enjoys their intimate encounters like he does, so he must feel that she is comfortable and knows what to expect.

These are all examples of reasons why he would want to make sure his gf feels relaxed and confident about having sex with him.

Baby Let’s Do It

b howard songs

As mentioned earlier, one of B Howard’s most famous songs is his cover of “Baby Let’s Do It.” The song was originally written by Larry Williams in 1964 for R&B singer Billy Dean. While it didn’t quite make it onto any Billboard charts at that time, it did become an international hit later in 1965 when covered by both Marvin Gaye and Aretha Franklin as well as being recorded by many other artists.

In fact, so popular was this version that it even entered into pop culture lore! In an episode of sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Ted (played by Josh Radnor) sings along to the song while driving with Barney (Nathan Drake). He then uses the lyrics as a basis for an argument about why he should marry Robin (Caitlin Catron).

This made the song very recognizable and known. Many people know the original song or the versions by either Marvin Gaye or Aretha Franklin, but not too many know the B-version!

So what makes this version special? Well, aside from the incredible singing voice of B Howard, there are two things which make this version unique. First, the music video features some pretty interesting dance moves. These include lots of leg waving, toe tapping, back flips, and more! Second, the lyric changes add another layer to the meaning of the song.

The original song is clearly about having sex, but the B version adds additional layers to its message.

Baby I’m Bad

b howard songs

This song is perfect for any situation! Whether you are dancing, listening to it while working, or just because you love the artist, this song always brings a smile to your face. It is also very catchy with its repeated lyrics “Baby, I’m bad” and “I’ll do anything for you.”

The music video features lots of sexy scenes including some group sex, threesomes, and even a few close-ups of the singer licking his/her own pussy. The song was written by Chris Braide and Brandon McBrayer from South Carolina and they wanted to create an irresistible track that would appeal to both men and women.

It is not uncommon to find yourself singing along to this song and having a good time. Many people have made references to how catchy the song is and how it makes them feel good when listening to it. Some say it reminds them of the early 2000s when dance songs were more infectious and fun to listen to.

Baby Let’s Play House

b howard songs

One of my favorite bahamas songs is “Baby, Let’s Play House.” The song is sung from the perspective of someone who has just met a new person and wants to know more about them. In this case, that person is the listener (you!). It is an interesting way to look at life; we are always wanting more information about other people.

The lyrics include the lines “Tell me all your secrets/ I wanna see what you hide,” and “You’re so mysterious.” This song reminds us that not only do we like to think others don’t have any secrets, but also that we sometimes try to conceal our true selves from the world.

I believe it is very important to be able to recognize a person’s secret dreams and desires before they make a real effort to come out and say them. We can learn a lot by paying attention, and being willing to put ourselves in their shoes for a while.

It will help us understand why they behave how they do, and may even inspire ways to bring out the truth behind those secrets.

Baby Please Don’t Go

b howard songs

This song is perfect for listening to while doing things that require you to be alone, like sleeping or working. The lyrics tell the listener how much it hurts when they are asked to say goodbye, and how hard it is to bear being away from them.

The singer in this song expresses their love very clearly – he calls her his baby and asks if she wants to stay. It is clear that he loves her deeply and would do anything for her.

When she says yes, then everything will be okay. But if she decides not to, he tells her that he can’t take it anymore and begs her to change her mind. He thinks she must feel the same way because she always has been there for him.

He knows what he needs to do and cannot let himself break down until he is sure that she does too. If she tries to talk him out of it, then he promises to live without her as best he can. At the end of the song, he repeats how lonely he will be and how sad he will be every day until he dies.

He believes that she feels the same way about him and even though it may hurt at first, he hopes she will realize how happy she made him later on. If she was willing to put up with his bad moods before, why should she make an effort now?

In addition to all of these reasons, he worries about living without her.

Baby You’re Too Good To Me

b howard songs

This song is perfect for that clichéd romantic night where you feel like doing nothing but making sweet love to your significant other. It’s also great for those nights when you just want to make out with each other! The lyrics tell their story, so let’t not waste any time and get into it.

The first part of this song is very seductive, which is why it works as an excellent down-and-dirty kisser. If you both enjoy kissing then this can be fun to listen to together.

It is best listened to while engaging in some activity together, perhaps watching a movie or playing a game. When there are no distractions, give each other strong kisses. Let your hands roam freely and explore all of each other’s body.

When the music ends, break the kiss and enjoy what has happened.

Bad Bad Good

b howard songs

‘Bad’ songs are usually about something negative that happens to you or someone else, like a broken heart, or a hurtful comment. They can be funny, but they always make you feel bad for the person who comes out on top.

“Good” songs are different – they make you feel good! Happy songs are great, of course, but there is a subset of music that inspires emotional reactions we call “bad�.”

These songs leave you feeling low, but in a satisfying way. You may even find yourself dancing around, twirling your hair, and singing along. These types of songs take away what you have (no one has ever needed more money) and give you some sense of loss, but it is a pleasant loss.

I would say that most people have at least one bad song in their collection. So let us look together at some examples of these emotionally-inducing tunes.

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