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Posted by Mike Schumacher

As we mentioned before, being an artist is not a easy career! It takes hard work, investment in yourself as an artist, and lots of creativity to be successful. There are many different types of artists out there, with various styles and levels of expertise.

Some people feel that because they do not know how to draw or paint well that it does not let them try their hand at creating art. This can be very limiting for you as an artist.

If you ever feel like this, take some time to assess your skills and see what you have been missing. You may need more practice drawing, learning about painting techniques, and thinking about how to use color and shape effectively.

There are many ways to learn new artistic concepts– from taking classes and courses, to reading books and doing research online. Whatever method works best for you will help you get past this mental block and start creating beautifully.

Dr. Dre

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One of the most well-known artists in hip hop is Dr. Dre. He was one of the main architects behind some of the genre’s biggest songs, including “The Bizarro World Version of Me,” which features Kanye West.

In high school, he chose to major in music instead of business or engineering. After dropping out, he worked as an assistant manager for Def Jam before launching his own label, Death Row Records.

He later made a name for himself by producing other artist’s material. Some of these include Nas, 50 Cent, The Game, and Drake. All of these musicians praised his work and said that he helped them achieve their musical goals.

Since then, he has branched into acting and filmmaking. His first big screen role was playing Ice Cube’s father in 2015’s Straight Outta Compton. Since then, he has acted in several more films and TV shows.

Dr. Dre is widely regarded as one of the greatest producers of all time. He won two Grammy Awards for Best Producer and is also nominated for five others.

Not only is he known for creating incredible tracks, but he is known for helping shape the future of music. He designed many of his studio equipment systems and pioneered technology such as digital recording and headphones.

His success as an entrepreneur, producer, and philanthropist makes him worthy of our respect.

The Beatles

After arriving in England, Paul McCartney decided to give up music completely and focus on business. He owned several coffee shops and served as their manager. Ringo Starr left the band for a while to pursue his own career before joining him as an employee at one of those cafes.

John Lennon stayed in Britain after he was shot in front of Yoko Ono’s home back in March 1980. They both worked full time during that period but she handled most of the day-to-day responsibilities of running the house.

In 1985, George Harrison retired from music entirely because he could no longer make a living producing and recording songs. Since then, he has focused on philanthropy and humanitarian work.

Timeline: Fun fact! All five members of The Beatles made it onto Time‘s list of the 100 greatest people who have ever lived.

Michael Jackson

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As we mentioned before, one of the greatest singers of all time is Michael Jackson! He was known for his incredible voice and flashy stage outfits and choreography. However, it is what he did outside of music that makes him stand out.

He was an entrepreneur, producer, songwriter, dancer, and inventor. He designed his own costumes and gear many times, including his famous Moon Suit.

He also produced several successful films such as The WizandCaptain No Legs. He wrote some songs himself like “Happy Birthday” with The Beatles and “I Have A Dream” with Martin Luther King Jr.

His influence extended beyond just entertainment too. He helped promote health and wellness by offering nutritional products and educational talks about nutrition and fitness.

You may have heard of or seen some of these products or lessons from him. They include Vital Glutamine powder, Liquid breakfast bars, Dance workouts, Andriod apps, and More.

These things influenced how people use food and exercise today. His legacy will live on forever.

Leonardo da Vinci

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The word artist comes from the Latin words artes, meaning skill or profession of craftsman, and genter, which translates to maker or producer. Artists are people who use creativity in expressing themselves through producing artistic work.

Da Vinci was not only an artist he was also a skilled inventor, engineer, and mathematician. He designed many things such as helicopters, water propulsion systems, automatic weapons, and more!

He lived during an era when technology was just beginning to emerge and influence most parts of our daily lives. Computers were just coming into existence and phones did not have touch screens or even cameras!

In his early career, Da Vinci made it onto the royal courts as both a painter and sculptor. He is known for his large-scale painting skills that influenced later artists like Pablo Picasso. His style can be seen in everything from still lifes to landscapes to portraits.

His inventions include some of the first automated machines, including ones used to produce ink and paper and devices to measure torque (the amount of twist applied to something). These tools help us create new technologies every day.

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Bob Dylan

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When it comes to musicians, there’s always an argument about who is more influential than others. For most people, The Beatles are considered the greatest influence in music, changing how we listen to both classic rock and newer styles. But some say that Michael Jackson had a bigger impact on the industry.

Some argue that Elvis Presley was more important because he changed what kind of music listeners expect from a singer. He set the bar for what singers should be like and influenced many artists today.

With that said, you can probably agree that no one has made a greater impression on the music business than musician extraordinaire Bob Dylan.

He inspired an entire generation of aspiring songwriters by writing his own songs and establishing himself as one of the top recording artists ever. His songs have continued to reach out to new audiences even after his death over twenty years ago.

Dylan put emphasis on lyrics that speak about issues important to society at large. This includes everything from politics to religion to social justice. It also means his songs often relate to personal experiences or stories that only he knew.

His style attracted other talented writers and vocalists who incorporated his musical touches into their songs. Many still use his rhymes, melodies, and rhythms when they write their own material!

What makes Dylan so special is not just his talent as a musician and writer, but also how actively involved he is with the community.

Steve Jobs

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In an interview with biographer Walter Isaacson, published in 2011, Jobs was asked about his personal style. He didn’t really have one. “I don’t know if there is such a thing as fashion,” he said. “But I never wore black clothes or brown clothes; I always dressed in very bright colors. And I never wore white shirts — not even underarmor.”

He did sometimes wear jeans, but only blue ones. And no dress shoes, ever. Even at business meetings he would pull out his own black sneakers to put his feet up.

On stage, however, things were different. There, he often draped himself in rich leathers and silvers that matched the setting. But they never looked like someone else’s cast-off clothing.

And when it came time for him to design something new, he wouldn’t hesitate to add touches that reflected how he wanted it to look to him. As he once told architect Burt Sugarman, “If you draw a good line of architecture, then take your time and do what you want to do with it, don’t just follow rules because you are too lazy.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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Born January 15, 198? He lived an impressive life that will continue to inspire people years down the road. At only 28 years old, he made a huge impact by speaking out against racial discrimination and segregation in America.

He also played important roles in bringing about social justice and equality for all Americans, especially women.

Dr. King worked tirelessly towards creating a more just society. Not only did he work with other individuals to create change, but he organized large gatherings to do so as well.

By gathering many people together under one common goal, he was able to make an even bigger difference!

People who know Dr. King’s works are inspired not only by his words, but by how he lived his life as well. By showing us what is possible, he inspires us to keep working hard and believing in ourselves.

Vladimir Putin

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Russian President Vladimir Putin is the current president of Russia, he has served as leader since 2000. He began his career in politics working for the city council before being elected to the Moscow City Council in 1985. He became mayor in 1996 and remained in that position until becoming prime minister in 1999.

He then successfully led the country into office as president in 2008 after four years as acting president. Before becoming president, Putin was already considered one of the most powerful people in Russia with vast wealth.

Since taking power, Putin has solidified his hold over Russia and increased his personal fortune. He spent around $160 million dollars to win the presidency in elections that many observers say were not free and fair.

Putin’s first term ended in 2018, but he will run for re-election next year. Many believe he will try to remain in power for at least two more terms. Because he does not plan to step down anytime soon, he can focus on developing his own political party and infrastructure while also consolidating power.

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