Best Drums to Buy for a Beginner!

Posted by Mike Schumacher

With so many drum kits to buy it sure can get difficult for beginners to decide which one to invest in.

This is where we come to your assistance! In this article we’ll tell you exactly what you need to look out for in your first drum kit.  But first, let’s have a quick look at the kits mostly used by drummers around the world.

Types of drum sets

The most widely used drum sets are acoustic sets that are further divided into rock, fusion, jazz, auxiliary and electronic sets. Next are the hand drums, such as bongos, table and congas, frame drums and African drums.

To discuss which instrument set is good for beginners, we will analyze different parts of a drum kit.

Components of a drum kit

  1. Breakables: These consist of the drumsticks, different kinds of cymbals, the throne, snare drums, and the drum pedal.
  2. Hardware: All types of stands used in the instrument form the hardware in a kit. These include the drum stand, pedals, and the cymbal stands.
  3. Shells: These comprise the toms and the bass drums of the drum set.
  4. Extensions: These typically consist of the tambourine, chimes, cowbell and other add-ons.

Must-have drums for beginners

Below are some of the easy choices for beginners to make.

Hand drums

If you want to begin with basic drums, hand drums are a great option to look into.

Due to their size, these drums don’t occupy much space and hence are convenient for practice anywhere. It is their portability as well as simplicity that make them a good choice for beginners.

However, if you are set to take the next step, then there are junior kits that cater to your needs.

The junior kits

Conventional junior kits consist of three or four pieces, including a base drum set, cymbal and the toms.  Another mandatory component for a drummer is the throne (stool). Some of these may go up to $200 but there are cheaper ones available too.

The price of a junior kit may overall cost $300 but may not include other add-ons such as the practice pads.

Let’s discuss below some of the junior kits that are easily available in the market.

1. Pearl Roadshow

This is a five-piece drum set which can produce sound as that of a professional kit. Unlike other starter kits, this set has a large drum to maintain good sound. The Pearl kit promises durability, which is especially important for first-time drumming. It also has a hi-hat and cymbals with stands.

2. GP Percussion Junior Set

This three-piece drum set includes a 10-inch cymbal, hi-hat, bass drum pedal as well as throne and drumsticks.

3. Mendini Junior Set

This junior drum set is for kids to learn the very basics of drumming, such as mastering muscle memory.

However, the Mendini set is not suitable for anyone taller than 5-feet due to its size. The kit contains an adjustable seat, a crash cymbal in addition to the usual components.

4. Sound Percussion Labs Set

This set is also referred to as the Lil Kicker. It boasts a neat look and occupies minimal space. It has the basic elements for kids and teens as it includes the drumsticks as well as a kick pedal.

5. Gammon Adult Drum Set

This is a set better suited for adults but can be used as a starter set as well. It has all the basic components, but only the front toms can be mounted. Its standard size allows adult starters to conveniently practice their beats.

Another good factor related to this set is its availability in different colors.

Electronic drum sets

In addition to conventional sets, electronic drum sets allow for convenient and fun drumming.

This is because you can always control the volume in these sets. These sets are also space-friendly due to their smaller size. Furthermore, you can plug your electronic drums to the online world to share your work with fellow drummers.

Add-on and value addition

There are other smaller but useful components to add to your kit once you have bought it.

These add-ons include silencing pads to bring the drum’s volume under control.

Drum bags are also useful for keeping your new instruments safe when you are carrying or transporting them. When heading for a public performance, remember to uninstall your equipment to prevent damage.

Smart buying of drum kits

Remember to carry out your research on the available drum sets in the market and note their configurations. This will help in having a hands-on guide when you enter the shop to make the right purchase.

Beginner tips and tricks

When you are beginning to make the first beat, start slow! You may also start with the easiest lessons available online. Another useful tip is to watch famous drummers create their magic which you can use as a  guideline to create your own tunes.

You may also want to record yourself with the help of a video camera or practice in front of a mirror. An essential element is to keep a record of your time while playing the drums.

Last but not the least, never lose hope! Remember that every perfect drummer of today was once a beginner.


Beginning to play drums may sound like a difficult task, but it gets easier with the passage of time. Adhering to the aforementioned tips and tricks can help you take the very first step.

As for buying your very first set, remember to select a beginner kit that meets all your drumming needs. Good luck!

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