Best Keyboard To Make Hip Hop Beats – A Selection

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss the best keyboard to make hip hop beats for your hip hop song. Hip Hop beats are quite easy to create.

I will not delve into how to play piano in this article but rather focus on the process of song making, and the best way to make a hip hop song.

Keyboard structure

The notes on the grand piano.

There is a clear separation of functions that should be used when making a hip hop track. Timing is everything for most hip hop beats.

I will recommend that you set up your keyboard to click on time markers and listen out for notes that should be composed after those timings.

If you do not have a normal keyboard, you can always use a sampler, which will provide a limited amount of parameters.

A computer musician, however, will have a range of parameters available on a keyboard and so should set up a plan ahead of the making of the track.

The most important parameter you will have access to is the note button.

Most beats will have some sort of signature sound that can be played using the keys. A tricky part is to select the note to play after the track has finished making.

Try looking for some sort of signature sound that can then be repeated in order to create a track.

It is also possible to write bass lines on a keyboard.

Formatting a beat

A DJ sets up his mixing table for a night filled with music.

Normally, a mix-down of a beat will consist of three sections:

  • Song: The most important part of the mix. It contains instruments and effects and is usually the same for every song.
  • Notes: Any new elements that are added to a mix.
  • Count: The number of notes that should be played in each part of the song.

The mix-down should start with a song, which will contain the song-format for the future use. Depending on what instrument or effect you are adding to the mix, you will select the notes you want to play.

For example, if you are using a horn player and want to play notes in the key of E, you will need to set up a key in your editor in order to play the notes.

This might be a good moment to have a look at which keys you have set on your keyboard.

Normally, a mix-down of a beat will consist of three sections:

  • Song
  • Notes
  • Count

The song

The main part of the beat should be a beat that represents a chorus. You will not create the actual music until the end of the song.

This is the part that will appear in the mixes that is the actual subject of the song.

Make sure you select the song that you want to make. Some mixers will choose to create a drum-beat or something entirely different.

Before selecting the song, however, you might want to go and make sure the instruments and effects are selected and pre-filtered.

When looking at the notes that you have selected, it is possible to open up the note editor. If you do not have a note editor, you can always click on the beat area and view the note editor.

Note editing

music notation

The note editor provides you with a large number of possibilities when editing the notes of the beat.

A note editor will let you play the note by clicking on the corresponding sound, adjusting the flow of the note and how long it should be played.

After the note editor has been opened, you may choose to arrange the keys that you have used before clicking on the circle on the song editor that represents the note on a sheet of paper. This will allow you to play the note.

You will need to select the note of the song you are playing from the list of the selected notes, and then place the selected note on the melody line of the beat. Make sure that it is played at a constant tempo.

When you have placed a note on the melody line, you will need to double click the note to play it. When you click on a note, you will see a note editor in front of you that will let you edit the notes.

When editing a note, you may choose to change the note length by either typing or selecting the note length by clicking on the note length.

To change the length of a note, simply click on the note length button on the note editor. You may also select the note length by clicking on the note length button.

The bottom right side of the note editor is a small icon that allows you to change the note duration.

When editing the note duration, you will notice the select region button and the hide region button, which will automatically hide or show the select region on the note.

When you click on the note duration button, the region will disappear and will be replaced with the selected region.

When you want to play a note, just select the note, click on the instrument button, and the note will be played. You can also select the instrument and the region of the instrument in the notes editor by clicking on the respective buttons.

To change the area where the note will be played, you may click on the change area button and then change the region by clicking on the corresponding button.

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