Best Way to Listen to Music at Home

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Listening to music at home can help relax the mind, but what are the best methods to do so?

That’s exactly what we will be discussing in this article.

But first let’s have a quick look at how listening to music at home is different than listening to it anywhere else.

Listening to your favorite tunes at home means having full control over you music equipment. Plus, you’re able to listen to music while you are performing your daily chores.

Another great thing is that you have so many options that allow you to enjoy your music. Interested in finding out what those options are? Continue reading!

Which equipment suits you?

Speakers vs. headphones:

If you have space constraints, then conventional speakers might not be the right choice. Instead, Bluetooth speakers can be both smart and space-friendly. With these speakers, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of managing the wires. Their price starts from $20 depending on the configurations.

If you prefer streaming services, you would want portable devices such as MP3s or MP4s. However, if you want sizeable equipment then you can opt for a home theater system.

Before you do a lengthy research on devices and their configurations, review your budget.

Visiting a studio can help you come up with some good ideas to accommodate your equipment. This is because the space in a studio is tailored to produce specific sound effects.

Again, keep your room’s measurements in mind when purchasing the speakers.

Reposition your equipment

Maintaining a triangle between your speakers and yourself as this positioning creates the right sound effect. In order to have a good listening experience, make sure that the tweeters are closest to your ear level.

Install acoustic panels

Installing acoustic panels in your room can reduce unwanted sound to a great extent. But since paneling an entire room along the lines of a studio could be expensive, you can build your own panels using wooden boards.

Consider using an amplifier

An amplifier can drastically improve your experience as they control the voltage, current, and power of the sound signal.  At this stage, you can also consult a sound engineer on choosing the right amplifier for your room.


There could be a variety of reasons why someone may not want to listen to music on speakers. They might prefer using earphones/headphones instead!

If you are using a smartphone to listen to music, replacing your headphones or earphones can change your listening experience altogether. You can look up the options you have on the internet and take it from there.

To be fair, it’s based on personal preference which equipment you’d like to use. Whether you’re a speaker-person or are more inclined towards using earphones, if you want to enjoy listening to music at home, you need to pay attention to the environment.

Your experience also depends on which part of the house are you at when you listen to music. The tunes and the beats will only bring comfort if you are in a relaxed, comforting environment. Some people suggest dimming the lights for a calming effect when you have your headphones on.

Now we will look at some of the speakers especially designed to transform your experience with music.

Bose Sound Touch speakers

These speakers can be linked with Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer and can be connected via Bluetooth. The facility lets multiple people in the house stream music from their smart phones.

Bose speakers are connected with an app that allow complete control over your tunes. The good news is that you can add the Sound Touch add-ons to your existing speakers using the Bose link adapter.

Sonos Play speakers

Sonos speakers have their reputation of offering standard wireless home audio experience. These speakers can connect directly to your router or web and hence they are always ready to play.

The only downside related to this brand is their high price.

Amazon Echo

This smartly shaped speaker comes with a support assistant that has thousands of commands to choose from. Amazon Echo is equipped with Bluetooth which allows you to stream audio from any app. The only downside is that you cannot synchronize these speakers for a house-wide setup.

Google Home speaker

Google speakers come with the company’s usual perks such as a support assistant. You can ask Google Assistant to play some music for you or connect you with various streaming apps. And of course the assistant can help you with your documents or warn you about the vehicular traffic as usual.

Apple Home Pod

These speakers are relatively new in the market but it can adjust to the sound output of the room. The Apple technology lets you listen to your Home Pods in multiple areas of the house.

The disadvantages here are that these only work with Apple Music and do not have any Bluetooth facility.


Applying these tips and tricks can help you have an amazing music listening experience at home. Several companies offer smart speakers with advanced features, but you should opt for the ones that suit your needs.

So if you want to listen to better music, make your decision now!

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