Best Way to Listen to Music While Riding a Motorcycle: 5 Suggestions

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Why do people love listening to music on long drives? Well, obviously it makes the journey so much more enjoyable! But if we are in a motorcycle are we doomed to only listen to the noise of the road?

While the sound of the wind whistling past your eyes is enjoyable, it may be nice to have some other options.

Before we get into it, let’s look at some of the benefits that riding a motorcycle can have other than just making the journey a little less tedious:

Benefits of listening to music while riding a motorcycle

  • Music has the power to stimulate our senses which helps us stay alert while driving.
  • Music has a soothing effect on our brain that can help manage road rage.
  • Music also affects your subconscious mind which can help you react faster to speeding cars or trucks.
  • Hearing the loud sounds of vehicles can be very irritating. Hence, listening to music can replace this noise!

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits of listening to music while riding a motorcycle. Let’s discuss the best ways through which you can listen to it safely.

5 Safe ways to listen to music on a motorcycle

It is no secret that driving while listening to music is something that many bike riders look forward to. However, many safety experts have proved that listening to music while riding a motorcycle can increase the chances of accidents.

But this is old news!

Thanks to technological advancement, there are several ways through which people can safely enjoy music while riding their motorcycle.

Here are 5 safe ways to enjoy music while riding a motorcycle.

1) Motorcycle earbuds

Earbuds are less complicated as compared to other audio accessories, which is why they are easier to use while doing another task. The best thing is they are less likely to damage your eardrums as they are restricted to only 100 decibels.

Moreover, they do not block out the surrounding noise completely so that you can hear the sirens or horns around you. This is an excellent safety measure that most people often don’t factor in when choosing a good and safe way for listening to music on a motorcycle.

Tip: Choose wireless earbuds for a motorcycle ride to keep any hassle during driving to a bare minimum.

2) Helmet speakers

Helmet speakers are a new cool thing that every bike rider should own if they love music. This extraordinary music device has a high-performance audio system that makes for a great listening experience.

These speakers are slim and sleek enough to fit inside the helmets and are much easier to set-up than headphones and earbuds. However, they are very expensive to maintain. And, if you buy a standard helmet speaker, you may face issues such as unusual distortions of sound or loose-fitting of the speaker.

Tip: Avoid buying the cheaper ones available in the market as they usually lack quality.

3) Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are a great choice if you want to avoid hearing any unpleasant sound around you. These headphones were specially invented to keep out the loud noise to allow the listener to focus solely on their favorite music while riding a motorcycle.

Investing in such headphones is definitely not a bad idea if you are a music lover.

Be aware that these headphones do a great job of eliminating external noise, making them a bit dangerous if you need to hear your environment on the road.

4) Wireless headsets

Technological developments have made it possible to use a wireless headset in a broad range of operations with ease and convenience. Regardless of whether you run a marathon or ride your motorcycle, it is an excellent opportunity to listen to via a wireless headset.

Wireless headsets are hassle-free and easy to use as they don’t require to be plugged to a device. Also, they are comparatively cheaper than other music accessories. So if you want to listen to music while riding your motorcycle and are on a budget, wireless headphones are a great option to look into.

These are great for off the motorcycle, as they are very comfortable for walking around the city or doing yardwork.

5) Motorcycle stereo system

A stereo system with high-quality amplifiers is expensive but worth buying, especially if you love listening to good quality music while riding a motorcycle. This versatile music system helps to improve sound quality and reduce distortion.

These systems have a Bluetooth option that allows you to play your favorite tunes from your smartphones. A great feature of these is that they can withstand humid weather conditions. This means you don’t have to worry about rain ruining your expensive music system. So, if you want to enjoy high-quality music and flaunt your amazing playlist to others around you, then a motorcycle stereo system is the best choice.

Although most options for music playing equipment tend to be costly, there are many economical options as well. So, if you are wondering “how to listen to music safely on a motorcycle,” then use the above-mentioned suggestions.

Safety first

Though, if you are a new rider, it’s better to familiarize yourself with the roads and motorcycle first before using any music playing devices. Listening to the sounds of the wind and the trees can be just as exhilarating in its own right.

Another tip we have is to make a playlist of the songs you want to hear before you begin your ride. Changing songs can be dangerous in a car and even more so on a motorcycle.

Also, it is best to always have access to the pause button or mute button, so that you can tune into the road as quickly as possible. And as in a car, best to not blast the volume on these devices.

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