Best Ways to Listen to Podcasts

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Podcasts offer rich and informative content to listeners. With podcasts, you can listen to real-life conversations about politics, culture, etc., while you are on the go. Listening to your favorite podcast is very simple if you have access to the internet.

You just need to find a proper platform or app that suits your taste, and then you can listen to any podcast you like, whenever you want. Podcasts are usually free and are available via numerous apps on smartphones, tablets, or iPads. This means the best way to listen to podcasts is through “apps.”

Now you must be wondering which podcast app is the best for you. But don’t you worry about that, we’ve got you covered with our list of best podcast apps.

Here’s a closer look at some of the best podcast listening apps for Android and iOS devices.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is an excellent podcast listening app that provides a variety of options to its listeners. It is available on both Android and iOS devices for $3.99. If you are a podcast lover, we’re sure you won’t mind investing in such a great app.

It offers some great features to its users, which are:

  • Dark themes
  • Useful filtering options
  • Volume boost
  • Apple option
  • Variable speed
  • Chapter navigation
  • Trim Silence

However, the most useful tool of this app is its sync option that allows the users to pick up where they left off on another app supporting device.

Cast Box

Cast Box is an app that has earned amazing reviews from the users due to its impressive features. The app has also bagged several awards from Apple and Google in the last few years, which are proof of its superb podcast quality.

This award-winning podcast app is available on both Android and iOS devices for free. This means you can use this app to listen to some fantastic podcasts for free. Isn’t that great?

Moreover, Cast Box app also offers Apple Watch, CarPlay, and Amazon Echo Skill support, which allows users to listen to their favorite podcasts on multiple devices.

Cast Box also features in-audio search options that will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


Spotify for podcasts? Yes, we know when people think about podcast apps, Spotify is usually not the first app that comes to their minds, as Spotify is mostly famous for its DRM-protected music. However, this free music streaming app also offers excellent audio and video podcast, along with a useful Spoken Word section. This means when you want to listen to a specific podcast, you can search it using voice recognition.

Spotify podcasts are available in a variety of categories such as sports and recreation, interviews, comedy, storytelling, etc. The users of this app can easily download, subscribe, and share their favorite podcasts. Although this app doesn’t offer great podcast playback and management options, millions of people use it for streaming music and podcasts. So if you are already using Spotify and don’t want to use a separate app for podcasts, then you must give it a shot.





Radio Public

Radio Public is a bit different from other podcast apps as it’s more dedicated to delivering quality content to its listeners and provides a fair deal to its creators.

Radio Public is a cool app that offers thousands of different podcasts to its users, along with attractive features. The following are some of its amazing features.

  • Automatic download options
  • Streaming playback
  • Playlist Management tools
  • Audiobook support
  • Offline streaming
  • Private RSS feeds option (not all apps allow this)

The best thing about this app is that it’s free and doesn’t require any account for login. One can directly access their favorite podcasts by just opening the app. Also, this app is available on both iOS and Android devices.


If you are someone who enjoys comedy podcasts, then Laughable is the best app for you. The best part about this app is that it offers podcasts of all genres. You can listen to hundreds and thousands of journalists, comedians, musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, and authors on this amazing app.

Like other apps, it also offers some unique and attractive features such as Laughable Artist Graph that demonstrates the top podcasters and comedians of the app. This feature facilitates the users to choose from the list of best and popular podcasts. Some other features of this app are offline listening, sleep timer, and adjustable playback options.

Laughable is available on both Android and iOS devices.



Castro 3

Castro 3 is an excellent iOS podcast app. It offers a nifty inbox feature that allows the users to archive or queue new podcast episodes. It also has a cool night mode feature that can be turned on and off with just a finger swipe.

Castro 3 is a well-designed app that works great even if you are subscribed to multiple podcasts. It also supports Apple Watch and iMessage – to keep the listeners updated with new podcasts.

Post Addict

Post Addict is a feature-packed podcast listening app that comes with a variety of options, which are:

  • Automatic deletion (can be used to save space)
  • Automatic updates and downloads
  • Speed playback
  • Sleep timer

Besides these features, this app also supports YouTube channels, local video podcasts, audiobooks, and streaming radio. It’s a free app that is only available on Android devices.


Podcast App (iPhone)

If you have an iPhone then you already have access to one of the best podcast apps out there, for free! This app allows you to search, download and listen to podcasts at your leisure without having to pay for anything. If you don’t need all the fancy frills of the above-mentioned apps this should do the job and more.

You may also listen to podcasts through your web browser, like Chrome or Safari. These work great if you want to listen on a laptop while you work. However, the best way to listen to podcasts is through your phone from one of the above-mentioned apps. So what are you waiting for—install one of these apps and start listening to your favorite podcasts now!

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