Big Music Rock Show

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This week, our big music rock show is “Big Music, Rocky Roads” by Taylor Swift!

Taylor has written some incredible songs that deal with love, heartbreak, and life. Her lyrics are very motivational and poetic, making her songs easy to connect to.

Her music can be described as mostly pop, but she does contain elements of alternative and country along with some soft ballads. She also sometimes features rap or funk in her songs!

This song was released on April 2nd, 2019 under Capitol Records. It is a new recording from Taylor and it is titled “Rocky Road.” What makes this song special is the title track!

The lyrics for the song include references to both a rocky road dessert and a rocky relationship. The bridge contains lines such as “I will always remember how you made me feel / Like I could win even when I knew I lost” and “And now we’re sitting here talking like there’s no chance we’ll break up.

Most Popular Songs

big music rock show

What is it about some songs that people seem to get really into? Why do they listen to them over and over again? And what makes one song stand out from the rest? It’s not just because of the lyrics or the melody, although those are important factors.

It’s how well the music supports something in your life at this moment. How inspiring the song can be when you need a little inspiration. Or how soothing the song can be when you need to relax and de-stress.

There’t a clear answer as to why some songs take off and go viral, but here are some theories!

1) The Album Format Is Dead – so Rebrand As A Single Track Album

Many artists launch their career by posting several tracks online for free before investing in an album. This is how most musicians start building an audience.

But with the rise of the smartphone and easy access to technology, using apps becomes the norm rather than having to have a computer or device to use software such as iTunes or Spotify.

More and more individuals begin listening to music via app instead of earbuds or headphones. Because technology has made it possible to enjoy music anywhere, even outside, it lessens the importance of the album format.

This may also contribute to the decline of album sales too, as there’s no longer any reason to buy an album if you can stream or download the individual songs separately.

Best Bets for the Rest of the Show

big music rock show

The best bets for the rest of the show are definitely to watch For The Record, Follow Your Heart and If You’ve Never Fallen In Love Before. These songs will emphasize romantic relationships that go beyond just physical intimacy.

If you need help re-orienting your relationship space and time, these songs can be powerful tools to do so. By listening to these tracks, you can begin to understand what qualities in a person you should look for, and how to recognize them when you find them.

This is very important as most people around you will not make their love life possible by acting upon their inner desires and dreams.

Song of the Day

big music rock show

Let’s look at one of our song of the day choices, “Song Of The Day #5 – More Than A Memory (feat. Lauren Daigle)” by Afterglow!

After glows music is often described as heart-wrenching or emotional. This track definitely fits that description and can be considered hard to listen to if you don’t have someone in your life who cares for you.

This song is about two people that feel like they are drifting away from each other, but still want to keep trying. They need to talk things out and come up with a solution so that both parties will agree to move forward and let each other go.

The chorus is very powerful, it really gets into your gut. I love how the lyrics say something good and then the singer takes those words and makes them even more meaningful by adding additional information. In this case, the added information is what must be done before there is no hope.

It’s important to recognize these signs before making any promises because once you do, it can easily become harder to break down walls and lose yourself just for a little while.

Latest Song Releases

Recent songs that feature lots of bass, high pitched sounds, and/or distorted vocals are often described as sounding like “heavy music” or “hard rock.” Many people associate big musical chunks such as riffs and melodies with this type of music.

Some examples of hard rock songs include The Beatles’ I Want to Hold Your Hand, Led Zeppelin’s Whole Nine Yards, Muse’s Bullet Trace Eyes, Paramore’s A-Punk, Blink-182’s My Heart Is Still Set On You, etc.

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Popular Artists

big music rock show

There are many ways to listen to music, and it seems like every person has their own favorite way. Some people prefer listening to songs that make them feel good, while others enjoy listening to lyrics they can relate to. What is important though is not what genre of music you like, but who your favorites artists are!

As humans, we connect with other people through similarities. If you look at most people’s lists of top artists, there will be some commonalities. For example, if someone loves The Beatles, then Kanye West probably isn’t too far off either.

There are several reasons why having lots of different styles of music in your collection is a great idea. First, it shows diversity in how you enjoy music. Second, it demonstrates a desire for variety in genres – just because one song or artist doesn’t appeal to you now, doesn’t mean they never would have.

This article will talk about five popular artists that don’t get enough credit when it comes to musical diversity. These artists all contain unique sounds and styles that each individual listener enjoys.

Song and Dance

big music rock show

A lot of people may call music making a song or dance, but that doesn’t make it true! Having to add dancing or singing into your music makes it sound less pure than just having songs only!

A song is defined as a collection of notes strung together with a theme or mood. The music does not have to be about anything specific for it to be considered a song. It can be totally abstract, like most Mozart pieces!

Dancing and singing are two very fundamental parts of our musical culture. We learn how to do them at an early age and they help us create many other sounds and melodies.

If you want to know more about why creating music comes naturally to some people and not others, this article will talk about it.

Nighttime Concerts

big music rock show

Having an event that is nighttime oriented will give your audience more opportunities to attend. More people can access events at night than during the day! This is especially true if you are planning on having outside or pool-related activities while attending the concert.

Most major music venues have their own sound system, so they do not need to bring in external speakers unless there are none at the venue. By using their equipment, these audio companies are usually very generous in donating their services to worthy charities.

These charities can be anything from national organizations like The Salvation Army or Red Cross, to local ones such as an animal shelter or school project.

Touring Musicians

big music rock show

As we mentioned earlier, music has always enjoyed large-scale tours. It is an integral part of how musicians make money as they tour to promote their songs and albums. For some artists, it is even their only source of income!

As technology advances, however, it becomes increasingly difficult for touring musicians to fund their trips. This is particularly true for high profile bands that need expensive equipment or require very spacious venues.

Music production companies have adjusted by offering “in house” recording services to help out artists. Artists are now able to record their album in someone’s studio using their own equipment free of charge.

This is great because it removes one of the biggest expenses from the equation. But what about all of those other costs like transportation, hotel rooms, and food?

Fortunately, there are many ways you can be a tourist in your home town! You can take advantage of online tools and resources to find fun things to do, eat, and see while supporting local businesses.

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