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This article will talk about some of the different types of music that are not considered “classic” or “pop” music. These genres include heavy metal, hardcore, rap, alternative, jazz, and more!

Many people consider these types of songs to be “trendy,” but what does that really mean?

I would say that it means they are not classic sounding pieces of music! Some may even describe them as being jarring or annoying. I agree to an extent, but there is a reason why they have become popular trends in music.

This article will go into detail about each one of these styles and how important their composers were in shaping our musical culture. So, stay tuned and read on!

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Taylor Swift

c music

As we all know, Taylor is a major force in music. Not only does she put out incredible songs that have hit number one on the Billboard charts, but she also consistently collaborates with other artists to create new tracks!

Her style of songwriting is very unique. She uses stories as a framework for her songs, incorporating metaphors and references to various topics and people.

Swift’s talent as a singer has never been questioned. However, what makes her special is how well she writes lyrics. Her ability to use rhyme and rhythm effectively gives her songs a sense of flow.

She sometimes will write her own lyrics, but mostly she gets help from others. Some of her favorite writers are Karlie Pearcey, Liz Rose, and Stella Mwangi. All three of these individuals have their own career after writing lyrics for Taylor!

These professionals have given up their time to help Taylor spread her artistic talents by contributing to some of her most famous songs.

Ed Sheeran

c music

There is no escaping it, music has shaped our culture for centuries. It lifts us out of ourselves and provides an avenue to connect with others. As humans, we have needed that connection ever since we began speaking languages.

Music touches everyone in different ways. Some learn how to play an instrument or are inspired by a song to pick up a new one. Others find a particular song helpful in changing their life (or at least a part of theirs).

It’s not only people who use music as a tool; songs can do some incredible things as well! For example, there is a large community online where individuals share their favorite songs and discuss why they like them.

This article will focus on some famous artists and songs that emphasize unity through diversity. These tunes show off many styles and cultures of music while also encouraging unity between all people.

Justin Bieber

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With his music, style, and charisma, it is easy to see why people admire him so much. He has built up an incredible fan base that continues to grow every day!

Bieber’s catchy songs with lyrics about love make it very appealing to listen to his music. His vocals are also of high quality, making his song listening experience more pleasant.

His musical genre includes mostly pop, but he does experiment with other genres as well. Some examples of these experimental songs include “Something About You”, which contains guitar chords, and “Baby”, which contains a bass line and rhythm pattern.

He sometimes collaborates with other artists for their songs or covers of their songs. For example, his latest album features a song called “Deserve It”, which was written by Blake Page and Mattias Larsson. On this same album, one of his singles is titled “What Do I Have To Do?”, which is a cover of a Drake song.

Taylor Swift

c music

With her latest album, Speak Now, being released this week, it seems like there’s not enough music for people to listen to! Almost every song has at least one feature that is either directly inspired by or includes an homage to someone else’s work.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can get annoying for other artists who are exposed to these references more than once.

It also makes it hard to appreciate the songs as standalone pieces of art because you’re constantly comparing them to others.

Music writers will likely discuss how Taylor uses metaphors and symbolism in her lyrics, which some may find cleverly done while others may feel overly simplistic.

But what most people cannot argue about is her incredible talent as a musician. She knows how to use instruments, she writes great lyrics, and she arranges catchy melodies all with perfection.

One Direction

c music

There’s a reason why One Direction is one of the biggest music groups in the world right now. They know how to put on a great show!

They play just as many songs off their debut album, What Makes You Beautiful, as they do newer tracks. Their set list includes everything from “Too Good At Doing Nothing” to “Drag Me Down.”

When it comes down to it, what makes One Direction special isn’t only because of their incredible vocals or catchy melodies, but also their stage presence.

You can tell that every member has fun onstage while still staying focused and delivering quality performances. This charisma extends beyond the stage too – each member has very strong social media presences where you get to see them interacting with fans.

One important thing to note about this is that most of these accounts are authentic – none of them are faked for publicity purposes. All of these accounts help create an air of mystery around the members which contributes to their appeal.

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