Who Invented The Drums?

Drums have been around for millennia, with traditional drums and drumming styles emerging in cultures all over the world. Records of drumming go way back to 5500 BC  where drums have been found in China. Drums were primarily used in religious and celebratory ceremonies (as they are today as well!) In ancient times drums were […]

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The Absolute BEST Diets for Losing Weight Gain Muscle

“Stop eating when you feel even the slightest bit full.” I remember a very important teacher in my life telling this exact phrase to an entire classroom full of marching band drum liners. And the person telling us this it was not a physical trainer. Lo and behold, it was actually the percussion section director […]

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Coolest Looking Plants To Grow Indoors For Your Studio

Alright, everybody! It’s time to talk about houseplants. Although they’re not directly related to creating your next big musical hit—I’m taking the time to write this article because indoor houseplants can be a great way to decorate your home recording studio and inspire you.  Plants that are attractive, without being unobtrusive, can really help bring […]

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How to Lead a Drums Exercise Class

If you’re a drummer or a fitness instructor and you’re looking to make some extra cash on the side, you should consider hosting a drums exercise class. Learn to lead a safe and addicting class for rockstars of any age and every skill, and you might not need to work another day job. Be your […]

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What are Quad Drumsticks?

Quad drumsticks are for quad drums! You may have heard the phrase “quad drums” before.  “Quad drums” is the nickname for tenor drums, which is basically a large snare drum that doesn’t have its namesake snare.  Its tone is far softer and rounder than your typical snare drum. You find these drums often in full […]

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9 Famous Eccentric Women

There were a lot of women considered eccentric in their time because they wanted crazy things like the ability to vote or work or love another lady.  This list is not about those women, because history is littered with examples of eccentric women who were really were just plain weird. They were usually rich: wealthy […]

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