How to Get Rid of the Hiccups Quickly!

So let’s say you are a vocalist about to lay down a track for a new hit single when suddenly you come down with a case of hiccups. Not cool! What can you do quickly to remedy your situation? It turns out there are a few ways we can get rid of the hiccups. But […]

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11 Drums Used in Reggae Music

The drums in reggae music have always worked to give this amazing music its distinguishable sound. Reggae music although it originated in Jamaica, has roots back to Africa, which means many of the instruments that are used tend to be African or Afro-Cuban. These days, modern reggae music uses the drum set, which is common […]

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Can you Learn Guitar with Video Games?

While Guitar Hero and Rock Band are the leaders in the music video game market, they don’t necessarily teach you how to play an instrument. You may get really good at slamming down those colored buttons, and rhythmically you may learn a little something—but translating it to the guitar is game entirely. Nick Mason, a […]

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The Drums You Sit On: History and Use of Cajón

The cajón drum is a percussion instrument that can be used to play many different styles of music. It means literally, crate or drawer in Spanish. They look like this: Cajons are primarily used in styles that include flamenco, jazz, and Afro-Peruvian music. But they are commonly employed today by bands and artists playing acoustic […]

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Easiest Way to Learn Guitar Chords Fast! ?

What is the EASIEST way to learn guitar chords fast? As a beginner guitarist, one of the toughest things to conquer is quickly and smoothly changing between chords. For example – we might learn the chords to one of our favorite tracks or a new chord shape.  But when it concerns making songs with these […]

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The Effect of Pop Music on the Brain

Every day I listen to multiple different genres of music based on my mood. I know what genres let me focus on a certain task and others that just amuse me when I want to let loose. Anecdotally speaking, instrumental music always leads to more focus, while pop and rock always distract me. I was […]

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