5 Best PDF Beginner Lessons For Drums!

Do you want to learn how to play the drums with step-by-step training? Are you trying to find starter drum lessons that will show you the basic basics of how to play the drum set? If so, you've come to the right place! We've assembled a quick starter guide to help you get you playing […]

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6 Great Beginner Jazz Songs to Learn on Drums

Jazz is an amazing genre of music whose beauty is only matched by its complexity. It can be pretty intimidating for new drummers out there who want to play but don't know where to start. However, there are definitely songs we can practice to get ourselves used to the swing rhythms of jazz. Let's start […]

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Beginner Drum Note Reading Exercises And Explanation

This lesson was made to offer you a quick overview of how to read drum notation symbols. You can consider this page as a drum-key or legend for all the various drum set voices that you play within beats, fills, and solo patterns. You can refer back to this page if you are ever unsure […]

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Beginner Drummer Drills

Whether or not you have a drum set or not you can begin to do drills that will increase your speed and technique in the long run. Utilizing different exercises, you can even more improve your strengths while also working on your weak points to enhance your overall method. So, sit back and relax as […]

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8 Great Beginner Snare Drum Exercises

Learning snare drum exercises is a great way to improve your technique and make you a better drummer overall. But which snare drum exercises are the best to start with? Newbies should play these patterns slowly to start with, and only increase the speed when all strokes are played with precision and balance. Some of […]

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Is it Possible to Learn to Play Drums Without a Drum Set?

It is completely possible to learn to play drums without a drum set. Although it is much more fun to play drums on a real kit, sometimes we don't have the space for it or are living in an apartment or we don't have the money for an electronic kit which is another option if […]

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