How to Learn the Guitar Fretboard in 10 minutes

Learning the guitar fretboard doesn't have to be as difficult as you think. But it is definitely as important as you think. Once you in fact know the notes, you will have a much better understanding of music theory, scales, constructing chords—how all these are constructed and how they all relate to each other. Everything […]

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Learn Guitar While You Sleep!

So you want to learn guitar while you are in the comfort of your bed at night? Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and sit down with a guitar and start shredding the licks you were dreaming about? Unfortunately, no such method exists—yet. Perhaps in the future we can download different skills to our […]

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6 Amazing Apps to Learn Acoustic Guitar

There are several reasons that conventional music lessons aren't for everybody. You may not have enough time dedicated to commuting and taking lesson. You also may not have the budget, since weekly lessons can get costly (especially if you are taking lessons from a qualified teacher). But luckily technology can help us in this realm. […]

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Guide to Playing Guitar Scales in Thirds

Learning and practicing guitar scales is one of the most important things you can do if you are trying to up your level of guitar. But you should be aware that just practicing the scales up and down doesn't necessarily allow you to fully internalize the scale. Learning to play a scale in thirds (or […]

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Which Guitar Scales Should I Learn First?

When I began learning the guitar, no one truly explained to me why scales are important. I didn't see the utility in them at all, and I was convinced that they were some sort of torture device used by music school teachers to make kids run away from the music hallway. I also didn't know […]

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Basic Guitar Chords with their Finger Placement

Have you always wanted to learn how to play guitar? Fortunately, although learning to play the guitar requires some work in the beginning, once you have the basics down you can play millions of songs and have a lot of fun. The first step in sounding competent at guitar will be to learn some basic […]

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