Best Way To Learn Drums At Home

If you are intent on learning to drum at home, I have some good tips for you. A bit about my background: I've been playing drums for 13 years. I played in my college's jazz ensemble and play in a rock band outside of that.  I took lessons with a beast of a pro at […]

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How to Learn to Play Drums By Yourself

Is it possible to learn drums by yourself? As a drum teacher, people informally ask me this question, wondering if it is possible to skip getting a teacher and learn directly for themselves. Let me say that it is totally possible. Many people find a teacher necessary to stay motivated and organize a schedule. But […]

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How to Learn Drums at Home (Without Drums)

Contrary to popular opinion, you actually do NOT need a drum set to start learning drums! There are plenty of ways you can start to learn coordination, technique and how to play drums to music, without a physical drum set. In this lesson, we are going to go over some of the exercises and methods […]

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How to Learn Drums with a Practice Pad ? the ULTIMATE GUIDE

There is so much to be learned with just a practice pad! Even if you are already experienced with the drums it is so helpful to go back to the basics and refine our technique. This lesson is designed for beginners but will also incorporate some intermediate and advanced exercises and concepts. We will also […]

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How to Learn Drums in an Apartment

Are you a new drummer trying to find out how you can learn drums while living in an apartment? Or perhaps you already play drums but you want to be able to practice without disturbing your neighbors. As a drummer who has lived in an apartment for the past 5 years, I feel your pain. […]

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How to Learn Drums on an Electronic Kit

Learning drums on an electronic kit is no different from learning drums on an acoustic kit, however there are some things we should take into consideration. Let's start by looking at how one can start learning drums immediately, and then some of the things that we should take special note of being an electronic kit. […]

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