Homemade Drum Dampeners

Drum dampening is not just about reducing volume. In fact, that’s the least interesting feature of dampening drums. We have already written articles about how to make your drums less noisy, where in that case, yes, the goal is to reduce the volume. But in this article, I wanted to tackle how we can dampen our […]

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What are the best drum heads for funk and jazz?

Many of my students ask me what the best type of drum head to buy is, and of course I tell them that all depends on what type of sound you are after. Today we are going to explore some of the more popular options in funk and jazz music. Drum heads can change the […]

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How to Soundproof a Music Room Cheaply?

It is crucial to soundproof a music room because one can’t afford to be distracted from outside noises. If you want to learn about soundproofing your music room, then this piece will shed light on “how to soundproof a music room cheaply.” The methods suggested may be used individually, but they tend to work better […]

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Why do your drumsticks keep slipping? Let’s talk about grip.

Take a moment to digest this situation. You get the gig to play drums on a famous late-nite television show. It is televised in America for a potential audience of 300 million people (more if you include the fact that it will remain on the internet forever).  You play the song like a straight boss, […]

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Are There Such Thing As Unbreakable Drumsticks?

How many sticks have I broken in my 20 years as a drummer? It is absolutely uncountable. However over the years I’ve learned to break sticks less and less. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been constrained to practice pad drumming and I don’t wail on the drums as often during the week. However I don’t think […]

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The Ultimate Drums EQ Chart

Mixing drums has always been an especially unique challenge. From Nirvana to The Beatles, the way the drums have sounded in the mix has always defined the sound of the world’s most legendary bands.  So now that you’ve tracked your drums, how can you EQ them to sit well in the mix? Unfortunately, there is […]

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