How To Play Ghost Notes on Drums

One of the most difficult executions in drumming is the reliable usage of ghost notes. The result of ghost notes boosting grooves is indisputable. Just like keeping time on the hi-hat, ghost notes fill in the space in between the upbeats and downbeats and provide taste to the phrasing. This drum lesson provides a total […]

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How To Use A Metronome For Drums

If you've never used the metronome before, you are absolutely missing out on what a wonderful tool it is. Even if you have some experience with the metronome there are many things you can do that you probably haven't even considered which will train yourself to be an impeccable timekeeper. Using a metronome properly is […]

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How To Play Drum Triplets For Beginners

I'm just going to go ahead and say it—triplets are my favorite drum rudiment of all time. Let me clarify. A rudiment is an exercise that drummers practice and can comprise of many different combinations of left and right hand at different rates. Technically, triplets are not even really a rudiment, they are a rate […]

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Top Easy Drumming Songs for Beginners! (with drum tabs)

It's widely known that playing a musical instrument can improve creativity, coordination, and overall happiness  (🥁=❤️) If you're just starting, one of the best ways to develop a foundation is to look for tunes that are great for practicing and that you know already! You should also be looking for songs in the genre of […]

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3 Best Apps to Practice Rhythm Exercises

Having a sense of rhythm is absolutely vital for playing ANY musical instrument. It is one of the fundamental foundations that comprise skilled and intriguing music. Regrettably, it's typically neglected in standard music lessons. Undoubtedly not if you play the drums or percussion or an instrument created to offer rhythm. I once had a drum […]

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7 Best Rhythm Exercises For Choir

Whether or not you're leading a choir class or attending one, rhythmic exercises while singing are crucial to get under your belt! That's because a strong rhythmic sense is necessary to be that incredible musician we all aim to be, and all of us can be! It belongs to what differentiates an amateur from a […]

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