How To Make Music Digitally - The Different Ways

This article will discuss how to make music on your computer using music programming languages like Propellerhead Reason. Although there are many means of creating music (either in an original or borrowed form), one of the most popular means of doing so is to use a computer program to make your music. We'll use Propellerhead […]

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Why Does Certain Music Make Me Cry - How To Manage

This article will discuss why does certain music make me cry and how to manage those moments. Inner ear: Hearing loss may lead to frequency disorders as hearing sensitivity may be triggered in times of high emotional expression. Some people experience crying at a greater frequency in comparison to others. Emotion triggers: When you notice […]

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How To Make Music Remixes - The Process

This article will discuss how to make music remixes. An important aspect of many music production lessons is learning how to blend two tracks together to make a completely new song. While you could just make this up as you go, it’s better to do this as a way to practice the basics. Let’s see […]

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How To Make Music High Pitched - Types Of Effects

This article will discuss how to make music high pitched by way of synthesis and different types of effects such as EQ, Delays and echoes. What's the difference between high and low pitched? It might surprise you that while we think of speakers, microphones and microphones used for instruments in terms of high pitch and […]

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Best Keyboard To Make Hip Hop Beats - A Selection

This article will discuss the best keyboard to make hip hop beats for your hip hop song. Hip Hop beats are quite easy to create. I will not delve into how to play piano in this article but rather focus on the process of song making, and the best way to make a hip hop […]

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How Does Music Use Math - A Discussion

This article will discuss how does music use math. Music uses a lot of math such as 7th Chord, the equal tempered scale, Pythagoras Pythagorean Theorem, mathematical rhythms, and more. Most music fans don't know all of this, and only a few people who are interested in music have really studied these things. However, when […]

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