Best Keyboard To Make Hip Hop Beats – A Selection

This article will discuss the best keyboard to make hip hop beats for your hip hop song. Hip Hop beats are quite easy to create. I will not delve into how to play piano in this article but rather focus on the process of song making, and the best way to make a hip hop […]

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How Does Music Use Math – A Discussion

This article will discuss how does music use math. Music uses a lot of math such as 7th Chord, the equal tempered scale, Pythagoras Pythagorean Theorem, mathematical rhythms, and more. Most music fans don’t know all of this, and only a few people who are interested in music have really studied these things. However, when […]

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What Does Indie Music Mean – Let’s Explore

In this article, I’ll take you to the mountains, where indie bands create the sound and music of this world. First, think of the phrase, “indie music.” What do you think of? Does it sound like something you would hear in a pop song? It probably sounds like upbeat music and popular genres. Indie musicians […]

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Hearing Drum Beats In Ear – What You Need To Know

This article will discuss how to hear drum beat in your ear, or better yet—in your head! So if you’re interested in learning how to hear beats in your head this article will give you some tips. Listen to instrumental music The best way to get beats in your ear is to take out the […]

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How To Make A Music Note With Alt – A Tutorial

This article will discuss how to make a music note with alt, a method for converting the key on your keyboard to the note position on a musical staff. Note music is a key in your programs, a method of composing music for performances, or playing songs from other devices. It is also used to […]

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New Beginner Drum Fills – A Guide

The bass drum has many sonic applications. While it may not be the main focus of a lot of drummers, it does deserve a fair bit of love. Since the bass drum only plays three beat drum rolls, it is fairly easy to jam over and sing along to. Furthermore, there are certain bass drum […]

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