New Beginner Drum Fills – A Guide

The bass drum has many sonic applications. While it may not be the main focus of a lot of drummers, it does deserve a fair bit of love. Since the bass drum only plays three beat drum rolls, it is fairly easy to jam over and sing along to. Furthermore, there are certain bass drum […]

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Playing Triplets On Drums – A Discussion

This article will discuss playing triplets on drums and whether you should really bother with them. In this week’s column, to coincide with the release of Vic Firth’s latest Deluxe Bundle, we look at the performance of triplets in drumming and how to incorporate them into your playing. Triplets are vital tool in the arsenal […]

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What Are Triplets On Drums – How To Apply Them

This article will explain what triplets are and how to apply them to the drum set. Ever wonder what triplets are on the drums? With triplets on a snare drum, the listener can hear one note, two notes, or three notes in succession. It all depends on the place where the drum is struck and […]

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The BEST Beginner Drum Set Warm Ups

This article will discuss beginner drum set warm ups, as well as providing exercises and drills for each one. I will also give detailed instructions on how to do each one. Hopefully this will come in handy for you in your quest to become a better drummer, and allow you to step your game up […]

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AMAZING Triplets Exercises For The DRUMS

In this article, we will discuss triplets and how to apply them on the drums. We will also give our favourite triplet exercises on the drums. Essentially, a triplet is a pair of rhythms. A triplet is three measures played at the same time. A set of triplets can be played in all parts of […]

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Key Tips: How to Get Rid of Nerves Before a Performance 

All performers have experienced some kind of stage fright before performing or being recorded. If there’s someone out there who has told you they’ve never felt stage fright, they’re probably not being completely honest with you.  If you’ve been struggling with this sensation, a big question in your mind might be how to get rid […]

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