The Fastest Drummers of All Time

Do you know who the fastest drummers of all times are and how they learned to master such a skill? That’s exactly what we will discuss in this article! But let’s first look into the special skills that all fast drummers have in common. The basics of an expert drummer A good drummer knows the […]

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How to Make Drums QUIET for Practice

A quiet environment is termed mandatory for learning a new skill, and drumming is no exception. This article will discuss how you can make your drums create less noise. But first have a quick look at why it is necessary to reduce noise while practicing. Why is quiet practicing necessary? It goes without saying that […]

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Learning Drums on Your Own

It’s not that difficult to learn how to play a new instrument— you just need to focus on the beat and remain passionate. First, in order to learn how to start drumming, you need to choose the type of drumming you’re interested in. Yes, there are different types of drumming, such as heavy metal, funk. […]

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Is It Too Late to Learn How to Play the Drums?

Ever since you were a kid, you had a fondness for the drum, you say. What could be better than turning banging and hitting things into a musical art form. You were awed by the star drummers of your youth who were masters of their platform while swinging their hands in a frenzy of hair, […]

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When Did Drums Become Popular

Drums have the most vital importance in an instrument set, but do you know how they became popular? That is exactly what we will be discussing in this article. But before we get into that, let’s first look at the reasons which make drums so popular. Drumming as a form of art Drumming is regarded […]

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How to Make Drums Quieter on Stage

Have you ever thought about what makes live performances so appealing? It’s principally the band’s control over the tunes that make it such a success! This article will unfold how you can control the noise your drums make during a live performance. The rhythm maker A drum is perhaps the noisiest instrument and so it […]

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