The Drums You Sit On: History and Use of Cajón

The cajón drum is a percussion instrument that can be used to play many different styles of music. It means literally, crate or drawer in Spanish. They look like this: Cajons are primarily used in styles that include flamenco, jazz, and Afro-Peruvian music. But they are commonly employed today by bands and artists playing acoustic […]

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Is it Possible to Learn to Play Drums Without a Drum Set?

It is completely possible to learn to play drums without a drum set. Although it is much more fun to play drums on a real kit, sometimes we don't have the space for it or are living in an apartment or we don't have the money for an electronic kit which is another option if […]

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How to Learn Songs on Drums By Ear ?

Learning drums is an amazingly fun challenge, and if you have a good ear and learn the basics you can start a snowball effect and learn many songs! If you learn the ability to pick out drum parts from the actual recording not only can you learn way more songs, your drumming will be way […]

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8 Great Drums For Drum Circles

So, you have finally made a choice to join a drum circle with a friend. You've been to the place and fell in love with the rhythm, the ambiance, and you were even able to try out a couple of drums and hand percussion instruments that you had never seen before. You don’t entirely know […]

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How to Lead a Drums Exercise Class

If you’re a drummer or a fitness instructor and you’re looking to make some extra cash on the side, you should consider hosting a drums exercise class. Learn to lead a safe and addicting class for rockstars of any age and every skill, and you might not need to work another day job. Be your […]

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3 Best Quiet Drumsticks For Electronic Drums

It can be difficult to find the ideal drumsticks for electronic drums. If you're brand-new to drumming this decision may even be harder. Playing a traditional acoustic set of drums or playing on an electronic drum set does have very obvious distinctions; most notably, the surface you are playing on. Firstly, you want to use […]

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