Why Are There Screens Around Drummers

Drum screens are used to control acoustic problems with drums for the studio and live. This article will these drum screens are important and give you tips for getting the best sound out of your drums. This article is aimed at drummers who play indoors. The first time you are recording drums indoors, the results […]

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Why Are There Drummers In War

This article will discuss why there were drummers in the civil war. As these may sound like a straightforward question for the unwary, first consider this fact: there were many other high calibers, experienced snipers for the Confederate army. In fact, because there were many hard-pressed brigades, some leaders of these brigades would issue themselves […]

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Why Do Drummers Move Their Mouths

This article will discuss why drummers move their mouths when they play their drums. We will also explore the use of one or more of these mouth styles when playing your drumset. Breath control Many drummers indeed move their mouths when they play their drums. This is because they are using their mouth to play […]

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Why Do Drummers Get Blisters

This article will discuss why drummers get blisters when they play drums. What causes drummers to get blisters? Drummers get blisters from doing things that we don't expect. When you feel something is pinching or you have pain in your heel, you should know that you are producing an EMF from the hammer in the […]

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Why Do Drummers Have So Many Cymbals

Drummers love cymbals and love to show off how many they have. This article will attempt to explain why drummers have so many cymbals and how they choose which ones to use. The most common reason for having more than one cymbal on a drum is to use cymbals to get a brighter or fuller […]

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Why Do Drummers Play Barefoot

Have you ever seen a drummer play barefoot? This article will discuss why drummers play barefoot and the benefits it has for them. Drummers can choose to play their instruments barefoot to achieve a better sound quality, stronger touch, improved coordination, better body control, and greater flexibility. Barefoot drumming also enhances creativity. In one study, […]

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