6 Best Apps to Learn Guitar

Becoming a self-taught rockstar has never been easier! Let's take a look at these top-rated guitar teacher apps to find the tool you need to achieve your goals. Every app has its own specialty, depending on what you need to work on and where you are as a guitar learner. Most of these are pay […]

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Are Drums Harder to Play Than Guitar?

Guitars and drums are both important and tough instruments but which is harder to play? Both the guitar and drums are just as difficult to play as you make them. To truly achieve a level of mastery with any instrument takes a lot of perseverance and hard work. Guitars vs drums If you don’t plan […]

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How To Tell The Difference Between Bass and Electric Guitar

Guitars and basses both have different fame in our culture. Guitars are the dream of young teenagers who want to shred and show off. Serenading your lover in front of their window is a mainstay of teenage romance. From adrenaline to romanticism, guitars have something to offer to both the sexes. They are instruments to […]

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Why Is Guitar More Popular Than Bass?

Guitar and bass are both popular instruments throughout the globe. However, the guitar is more famously played rather than the bass. To understand why the guitar is more popular than bass, we need to know the difference between the two instruments. Differences between guitar and bass In case you’re new to music, you may not be […]

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