3 Best Apps to Practice Rhythm Exercises

Having a sense of rhythm is absolutely vital for playing ANY musical instrument. It is one of the fundamental foundations that comprise skilled and intriguing music. Regrettably, it's typically neglected in standard music lessons. Undoubtedly not if you play the drums or percussion or an instrument created to offer rhythm. I once had a drum […]

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7 Best Rhythm Exercises For Choir

Whether or not you're leading a choir class or attending one, rhythmic exercises while singing are crucial to get under your belt! That's because a strong rhythmic sense is necessary to be that incredible musician we all aim to be, and all of us can be! It belongs to what differentiates an amateur from a […]

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10 Worst Musicians of the 2000s

If hindsight were 20/20... Let me fill you in on this weird theory that I have: I'll bet every penny in my savings account that I can prove the 2000s spawned some of the lamest and straight-up embarrassing musicians the world has ever seen. I'm serious – even the 1970s with its strange clothing and […]

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Who is the WORST Singer in the World?—🥁*drum roll*

When it comes to singers there is plenty of room to botch it. Some of us, by dint of their musical training, are more aware of when someone completely falls on their face. However, to some, it is just completely obvious that they can't hold a tune. We want to officially give the award for […]

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The Worst Musicians Today: Who Are They?

Facts About 23 "Despised" Bands That Are Crazy Successful - Best Life RevealedThis list consists of the artists and musicians who have actually been considered the worst musicians ever by our staff. We know that our opinions don't mean much, and we don't really take ourselves too seriously. But sometimes we just need to vent […]

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Worst Female Singers of All Time

Practically every pop diva who is currently popular today needs some help from the studio. But some are much worse than others. Although we didn't want to dogpile on just those who are famous today, we wanted our citicism to extend to the worst female singers OF ALL TIME. We will say from the get-go […]

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