How Do Drummers Read Music?

Drummers need to read music just like the rest of the musicians. It may not seem as common to see a rock concert with a drummer flipping through his sheet music on a music stand, but in other contexts, orchestral and jazz (and while practicing), it is very common to see drummers reading music. Let's […]

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Which Drum Set Brands to Avoid

So, perhaps we are looking for our first or second drum kit and we want to know which brands to avoid. We see a good deal offer and we are wondering if it is worth giving it a shot or should we save our pennies for a nicer drum set? Cheap drum sets are tempting […]

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Do Musicians Make Less Money Now?

Who wouldn't want a career in music? Music fills us with such joy but we also need to worry about paying the bills. Many of us look at the past with rose-colored glasses and think that everything was much better for musicians. But was it really? Were musicians really making more than they are today? […]

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Best Way to Listen to Podcasts on Android

Podcasts are a popular method to listen to your favorite people share stories, knowledge and entertainment. They can be a great alternative to listening to just music. If you own an android phone, there are a few ways that can help you tune in to your favorite podcasts easily. So let’s go through them one […]

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Who is the Worst Drummer? 7 Worst Rock and Roll Drummers of All Time

Drummers are like “Gods of Thunder” for rock music fans. They're not only celebrated but sometimes even worshipped by fans. Makes sense. Drummers are the ones that give rock music its intensity. Their grooves are responsible for sore necks and speeding tickets all over the world. It's only natural that people give drummers their due. […]

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Are Drums the Easiest Instrument?

Every teenager has tried their hand at learning a musical instrument at least once, and chances are you have too. Witnessing the performance of the musical society during the orientation session at college is often times enough to convince impressionable freshmen into learning how to play an instrument. Guitars are perhaps the most popular choice […]

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