What is the Best Starter Drum Set for a 4 Year Old?

Is your child is already starting to develop a sense of rhythm? Do you see his or her eyes light up at the sound of music? This may be the perfect time to invest in a drum set even at such an early age. The first step would be to pick a great toddler drum set. […]

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Best Starter Drum Set for a 9 Year Old

Things To Know Before You Buy It's the inevitable question proposed by lots of children when very first exposed to music at school—"can I play the drums?" As a parent, you're required to either offer with the sound and encourage musical expedition, or state no (thankfully, mine said yes). The thought of drums to some […]

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Best Beginner Drum Set For an 8 Year Old

Giving the gift of a drum set may be the most important memory in your child's life. And it may turn into the hobby that gives your kid joy year after year. When selecting a drum kit for your son or daughter you need to understand what elements should be concentrated on. Although buying a […]

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How to Compose Techno Music

Chances are, you're reading this as somebody who's completely new to music production or needs some guidance. If so, I understand exactly how you feel. Even after reading this short article, you're most likely still feeling overwhelmed, confused, and lost. Luckily, that can change. One choice is to come up with a systematic strategy for […]

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How to Compose Metal Music

Have a dream of remaining in a successful metal band but do not understand how to begin? There is no easy trick to making an excellent metal song. You need to become obsessed with different kinds of metal music and find the elements that speak to you the most. Luckily there are tons of great […]

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How to Compose Reggae Music

Reggae is a style of music that comes from the Caribbean. There are many ways to compose reggae music, and in order to really understand this music we should be listening to the masters—Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and many others. But here we are going to analyze a solid reggae song and give […]

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