How To Improve Songwriting

A song is a story, sometimes beautifully told with strong narrative flow and characters involved. The lyrics are one of the most important parts of a song, as they not only tell your audience what the song is about, but for many artists, they are the main component in creating their music. The best songs […]

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How To Get Songwriting Jobs

Finding songwriter jobs has become increasingly difficult in our technology-obsessed, connectivity-crazy society. It’s harder than ever to find someone who doesn’t have access to the internet or cell phones. As more people use the web for everything from banking to shopping to staying connected with family, it becomes less common to find businesses that don’t […]

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How To Start A Songwriting Journal

A songwriter’s journal is something that every writer should have, at least for his or her career. Having one helps you organize your songs in lots of ways — by genre, by theme, and sometimes even by who wrote what. It can also be an invaluable tool for writers who are struggling to find their […]

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How To Know If Your Songwriting Is Good

As you can probably tell, this article will be talking about how to know whether your songwriting is good or not! It will also talk about what it takes to become a better writer, which is definitely worth mentioning as we all could use some help in that department. But before getting into too much […]

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How To Keep A Songwriting Journal

A songwriter’s journal is an essential tool for creating songs. It can be anything you choose- from notes in your own handwriting, through doodling or drawing pictures, down to using pre-existing templates or apps. But before you start writing in yours, there are two things you should know. First, don’t write everything about yourself in […]

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How Does Contemporary Songwriting Define A Loop?

Looping is an integral part of contemporary song writing. It’s not only used to create catchy melodies or bass lines, but also as a way to tell a story through music! A lot of artists use loops in their songs for this very reason- it gives your listener something familiar they can associate with what […]

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