How Does Songwriting Split Work?

A song that is well written and features lyrics that stick with you are what makes for an engaging musical piece. It is not only the vocals, or even the bass line or guitar licks – it is the writing of the song that really matters. The music industry has a term for this: the […]

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How Effective Is Songwriting As A Tool For Change?

Changing how you talk about yourself can help you achieve your goals. Starting with your own personal narrative is one of the best ways to do that. Your personal narrative is what people know about you, whether written or spoken. The thing about narratives is they’re easy to insert into other stories. A story about […]

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How To Make Songwriting Easier

A lot of people get stuck in a rut when it comes to song writing. They have their favorite songs that they repeat over and over, but never truly add anything new to what has already been said. Many musicians start off as casual writers before investing time into learning how to write lyrics or […]

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How Do Songwriting Sessions Work?

When you are starting out as a songwriter, there is so much to do! Between writing your songs at home, recording them, learning how to mix and master your music, finding someone to help market your songs, and performing them, there are just the basics of being a musician. So, when you start trying to […]

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How Long Does Songwriting Take?

As with anything creative, song writing can take time! It’s not like other professions where you are immediately able to produce your own material. Songwriters work hard at it, just like any other professional writer or artist. It takes effort, passion and practice to get good at it. But they all have one thing in […]

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How To Get Ideas For Songwriting

A writer is always in search of creative ideas. You can’t be a professional writer if you don’t find new ways to approach writing and publishing your work. Finding inspiration for song lyrics or story lines are easy – just watch TV, read magazines, listen to music, etc. But what about creating songs from scratch? […]

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