Best Way to Listen to Music at Home

Listening to music at home can help relax the mind, but what are the best methods to do so? That’s exactly what we will be discussing in this article. But first let’s have a quick look at how listening to music at home is different than listening to it anywhere else. Listening to your favorite […]

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How To Tell The Difference Between Bass and Electric Guitar

Guitars and basses both have different fame in our culture. Guitars are the dream of young teenagers who want to shred and show off. Serenading your lover in front of their window is a mainstay of teenage romance. From adrenaline to romanticism, guitars have something to offer to both the sexes. They are instruments to […]

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Should Musicians Go to College?

Going to college or striking solo is a common question for aspiring musicians. It is a question that every budding musician has thought about. This is due to the prominent examples of celebrities without any formal education. Even today, we have many examples of successful independent musicians without any education. It is thus correct to […]

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7 Biggest Jerks in Heavy Metal

Fame truly brings out the worst in people. Many well-known names in the rock music industry are living examples of this statement. Regardless of how amazing rock musicians are on stage, they are not so amazing in their real life.  In fact, they are infamous for their awful and torturous actions. Do you want to […]

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What are the Best Resonant Drum Heads?

What is a resonant head? The short answer is: a resonant head is the bottom head on the drum which helps add tone and reverberation to the drum. But how can we decide what is the best resonant head for us and what qualities should you look for when you are buying one? Let's dive […]

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Why Is Guitar More Popular Than Bass?

Guitar and bass are both popular instruments throughout the globe. However, the guitar is more famously played rather than the bass. To understand why the guitar is more popular than bass, we need to know the difference between the two instruments. Differences between guitar and bass In case you’re new to music, you may not be […]

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