Are Drums Harder to Play Than Guitar?

Guitars and drums are both important and tough instruments but which is harder to play? Both the guitar and drums are just as difficult to play as you make them. To truly achieve a level of mastery with any instrument takes a lot of perseverance and hard work. Guitars vs drums If you don’t plan […]

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What Are The Materials Used To Make a Drum?

We have seen drummers do their magic countless times and some of us may be curious to know how these wonderful instruments are made. This is exactly what we will discuss in the article! We will uncover what materials are used in creating a drum but first let’s look at the core functions of a […]

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How Drumming Affects the Brain

The concept of drumming has been around for thousands of years. It has been used as therapy by various cultures for physical, mental and spiritual healing. Drum therapy uses rhythm to commission healing and self-expression. Many research studies have evaluated the therapeutic impact of drumming techniques on the human brain. According to one such study, […]

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Learning to Play Drums at Age 40

We’re often told that learning can begin at any age, but is it true for every skill? This article will uncover how you can learn how to play drums perfectly even at age 40! But first, let’s analyze if age really has to do anything with learning new skills. Is age really a barrier? To […]

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25 Best Rock Drummers of All Time

Every member makes a significant contribution to the overall music created by the band. In a band, there is usually a vocalist, backed by other members such as the bassist, guitarist, pianist, drummer, etc. Most times, other musicians are overlooked as the audience has their eyes locked on the vocalist. However, this does not mean […]

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6 Biggest Jerks in Country Music

Musicians are thought to be tormented masterminds, gifted in the art of melody. Sometimes, that melodic genius comes at the expense of being totally boneheaded in a bunch of other ways. When it comes to jerks in country music, there's really no shortage. Obscene antics might get you noticed (or even praised) in more boisterous […]

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