Coldplay postpone gigs following Chris Martin’s’serious lung ailment’

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Chris Martin of Coldplay performs on stage in Bogota, Colombia, on 16 September, during the band’s Music of the Spheres world tour. Photograph: Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda/EPA


Eight Brazil gigs on the global tour will be moved to next year, according to the band, who claims the 45-year-old singer is “under strict doctor’s orders” to rest


Following Chris Martin’s “serious lung infection,” Coldplay has announced that it would cancel a number of its upcoming concerts on its most recent global tour.


The band expressed “deep regret” and said the eight postponed performances, which were all in Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo, Brazil, would be rescheduled for early 2023 in a statement published on its website and social media pages.


According to the band, Martin, 45, developed a lung infection and was “put under strict doctor’s orders to rest for the next three weeks.”


“We’re moving as quickly as we can to lock in the new dates and will provide more details in the coming days,” the statement said. We really appreciate your patience at this trying time, when we must put Chris’s health first, the message read.


They continued, thanking the audience for their patience, saying, “We’re optimistic that Chris will return to good health after the advised medical break and look forward to resuming the tour soon.”


The massive Music of the Spheres tour, which started in March 2022 and is scheduled to wrap up in July of next year, has seen Coldplay perform all over the globe.


On October 25, they will perform live for the first time in Argentina, where they will do 10 gigs.


Thanks to Guardian staff at The Guardian whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.


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