Total Beginner to Groove Machine Drum Course!

Topics for this course

49 Lessons

Reading Music?

This is where you will learn how to read drum notation!
Introduction to this course
Drum Transcription Player
Reading Rhythms pt 1. (Whole notes and Half-notes)
Reading Rhythms pt. 2 (Quarter Notes, Rests and Eighth Notes)
Practice Time! Eighth notes, Quarter notes, and Rests
Reading music pt 3. (Sixteenth notes)
Practice Time! Sixteenth notes
Reading Music pt. 4 (Triplets)
Practice Time! - Triplets
Practice Time! - Mixing all note types

Basic Grooves pt. 1?

This is where you learn how to play some basic drum beats and can start playing along to music!

Hand Exercises and Rudiments?

This is where you will learn some helpful exercises and rudiments that will build your technique

Playing Along to Music?

This is where we will apply some of our rhythms we've learned and start playing along to music.

Basic Grooves pt. 2?

This section will teach you more basic grooves to keep you going on your journey.

Accents and Dynamics?

This is where we will cover how to learn to control the dynamics of our drumming (playing soft and loud).

Practice Tips?

Here is where I will provide you with some tips with how to structure your practice sessions
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