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Posted by Mike Schumacher

As we grow up, music has been an ever-changing source of inspiration. Artists come and go, new genres are created, and people find new ways to make music with their hands. For some, it is creating songs or recording them onto a device; for others, it is playing in band or learning how to play a instrument.

For many young children, listening to music for fun is the main activity. They may like dancing to the beat or singing along to a favorite song. Others learn from musicians and inspired artists about different styles and instruments, which they then use to create new music.

Many adults start exploring music later in life, sometimes because they no longer enjoy listening to music as much, sometimes due to work commitments, and sometimes because they have other priorities in their lives. Whatever the reason, most people manage to find what music means to them and they continue to listen to it.

This article will talk you through three types of rock music and what each genre means to those who listen to it.

Dr. Dre

d rock music

The man who made his career off of music that other people listened to is still very much in the business of making music that people listen to. He now does it as an entrepreneur, investing in technology, media, and entertainment companies.

In 2007 he founded Beats Electronics, which now includes headphones and earbuds, along with streaming services like Tidal. His company also invested in YouTube for $100 million back in 2010.

He has also started his own radio station, Higher Ground Radio, which streams online. And earlier this year, he launched a new podcast titled Off The Record, where he interviews different artists and professionals about their field.

These are just some examples of how Dr. Dre is keeping himself busy since he retired from being a musician. But he’s never lost his love for music, and he always wants to learn something new.

Wiz Khalifa

d rock music

As we all know, Drake has always been known for his lyrics and music style. He is well-known for his witty sayings and references to celebrities and things in the media. Many people also recognize him for his very unique fashion sense and constant changing of hairstyles!

Wiz khalifa is one of those artists that people either love or hate but no matter what you think of him, he never changes how he sings nor does he ever change how he dresses.

He is always seen wearing flashy clothes with outrageous designs and patterns. His hair is typically done up in fun styles like dreadlocks or braids which are then tied into a top knot. Or it could be gelled out or totally bald!

These similarities between both musicians’s fashion choices and musical styles make it easy to compare them as artists.

Mac Miller

As we’ve seen, music has always been an integral part of our lives. We as humans develop relationships with songs and musicians, finding ourselves connected to them in ways that go beyond just listening. Some even say it becomes difficult to listen to someone else‘s music after you have listened to theirs repeatedly.

A few artists stand out above the rest when it comes to having lasting influence. These are usually referred to as musical legends or influencers.

Jay Z

d rock music

As we already discussed, music is a powerful tool for changing people. It can motivate you to keep going after you have given up or it can inspire you to do new things.

Music has inspired me in ways that I hoped it would go beyond just listening. In high school, I was bullied very badly because of my size. Myself and some other students made an effort to change our style or tone of music to match how we were feeling, which helped us battle our emotions. We found songs that matched these feelings and slowly got into the habit of singing them instead.

I will always remember one student who used to call me fat boy every chance he could get. One day I decided to put together a playlist of songs with lyrics about being bigger than him and his friends. By the time I was done, I had enough tracks to fill out a whole hour long radio show!

The next week when he came across this list, he changed the channel without saying a word. He learned something from me – don’t make fun of someone else’s body unless you are ready to deal with the consequences.

50 Cent

d rock music

Fifty cent is an artist, businessman, and philanthropist who has done some incredible things in his career. He started from the ground up, working hard to hone his craft and establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in music.

He is well known for incorporating his own style into whatever genre he chooses to work within, making it sound natural. His songs often include messages that address issues such as money, love, or life.

His musical success has earned him many accolades. He received five Grammy Awards, was inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, and won the Billboard Award for Best Rap Album twice.

But none of these achievements matter if fifty doesn’t feel like he’s giving back to the community. It seems like every year there is another story about how much money he donated or how much time he spent helping someone else out.

It is very important to look at your actions and see what you are doing beyond just spending time with people and having fun. He may spend his time developing relationships, but is that really investing in others?

By donating money or time to other organizations, fifty can make a difference in the world. He can spread his influence by supporting causes that mean something to him, or which are close to his heart.

These charities will probably know him so they will recognize his efforts and use them to promote their organization.

Kendrick Lamar

d rock music

As we come to close out this series, there is one artist that stands above all others. He alone can take up an entire article with his name! That person is KENDRICK LAMAR. Not only does he put in consistent effort into his music, he also consistently puts himself out there by endorsing other artists’ work and even collaborating with them.

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip-hop such as Drake, Jay Z, Future, Nas, Big Sean, Yung LA, and more. Some of these collaborations have been done outside of hip hop genres such as “Bad And Boujee” featuring Vince Staples and “Bitch I’m On Fire” featuring Nicki Minaj.

His lyrics are always just as strong as his rhymes but not many know it because they write so few lyrics themselves. When he does write something however, it really sticks around and you get to learn about new things from him.

He is very outspoken when it comes to politics, race relations, and life in general. His songs often contain messages that everyone should listen to and understand.

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