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All right, so before we dive in, let’s talk about how cool this is! Not only does The Rock have his own album, but he also has two music videos! That’s like having your very own TV show or movie!

The songs come from his new solo project called Straight No Chaser which he announced back at the end of January. These are all totally new recordings that he wrote and produced himself! He even released them through his own label, Stampede Entertainment. His songwriting partner is another musician who goes by the stage name Chase Mode.

His first single off the album is titled “Never Let You Go (Broken Hearted)” and it was officially released on March 16th. It’s an upbeat tune with lyrics about lost love and hope for a better future. The video for the song features some beautiful scenery and a really sweet tribute to The Rock as an audience member. Check it out here!

Johnson recently shared the second track off his album on YouTube. Titled “Burning Up”, it’s a more up-tempo number with funky bass lines and lots of energy.

Sweetie I’m Sorry

dwayne johnson music album

As you probably know, The Rock has been putting out music for years now! He started recording his songs back in 2005 when he first branched off as an action movie actor with The Hero Complex. Since then, he’s released over eight albums that feature both acoustic and electronic tracks along with some fun collaborations.

His most recent album is called Sweetie I’m Sorry and it was released this past November. While the title may sound like something your significant other might call you after they found out about your favorite restaurant, the song itself isn’t related to romance or love at all.

It’s actually about how much money The Rock makes per hour compared to what people make working outside of entertainment.

Love Is You

dwayne johnson music album

As we mentioned earlier, DJ is known for his music videos that feature him in flashy clothing or as an action movie star. He also enjoys incorporating other genres into his songs to show off his talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician.

One such genre he has incorporated into many of his tracks is called inspirational music. These types of songs are typically about love or life lessons that can be applied to everyday life.

His most well-known song featuring this style is probably “Love Is You”. It was released back in May 2019 and features Dj singing about how you will feel loved when you put more effort into loving yourself first before trying to make others happy.

The lyrics go onto say how sometimes it feels like people around you don’t appreciate your efforts until they see just how much you care about yourself.

I Like It

dwayne johnson music album

As we learned in our article about Drake’s music, he loves to put his own spin on different songs! That is definitely not the case with The Rock. He has made several songs of his own by either writing or producing them himself. Some of his most popular songs are actually covers of other songs!

The first song that people probably noticed him as a writer was “I Need A Girl (Party Time)” which is an EDM cover of Bruno Mars’ hit song. Since then, he has written many more party-themed tracks such as “Let The Party Begin” and his collaboration with Ludacris called “What You Came For.”

His best known song as a producer comes from back in 2011 when he teamed up with Lil Wayne for what would become one of their biggest hits, “Bang Bang.” Even though it didn’t win any awards, it did very well commercially and helped both artists’ careers go up a few notches.

But my favorite song off his album is definitely not his own. It’s another cover; this time of Adele’s track “Hello.” Let me tell you why.

First of all, the lyrics don’t really match up with the original too much. They’re mostly just telling someone else to call her instead of texting her and asking if she wants to hang out.

Get It Right

dwayne johnson music album

As we mentioned earlier, The Rock has always enjoyed music of all types and genres. He loves listening to everything from hip hop to country to funk to rock. He also enjoys making his own songs at times!

He even made an album where he sang your favorite karaoke song! You can get this album here or by picking up “The Dwayne Johnson Karmabalicious Kick-Off” which is totally worth it.

His new album “DWAYNABLE THE WINNER ARISES!” features eight tracks that include no introductions nor endings. Just listen and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed reading my article about how The Rock released his first ever solo album! If you have any questions about the album feel free to comment below and I will try to answer them as best as possible.

I’m Yours

dwayne johnson music album

The lead single off of DJ’s new album is called “I’m Yours.” It was written by Robert Bagg, Jake Gosling, and Adam Bassett, and it features Australian recording artist Guy Davie.

The song is about a guy who feels like he has lost his love to someone else after they have broken up with him. He believes that he will never find true happiness until he learns how to let go and trust in something new.

As the chorus explains, he comes across an advertisement for a dating service that promises to help you find your perfect match. After reading the ad several times, he decides to give it a try.

He also changes his hairstyle and wardrobe to look more attractive so that he can put his best foot forward. When he meets his potential soul mate at the matching website party, he knows this is not just another casual relationship for her.

She seems genuinely interested in getting to know him, which makes him feel comfortable around her. He wonders if she could be the one person he will spend the rest of his life with.

Ain’t Nobody

One of my favorite songs off his latest album is called “Ain’t No Somebody There To Hold Me When I’m Crying.” It’s an incredible song that really showcases his vocals, with some great rapping as well!

The lyrics tell the story of someone breaking up with you and leaving you feeling heartbroken and alone. You try to distract yourself from sadness by spending time with people, but it only makes things worse because they aren’t there when you need them most.

Dwayne Johnson knows a thing or two about broken hearts, so he wrote this song for anyone who has ever been hurt before and needed help understanding why their loved one left. He also understands what it feels like to be lonely and want somebody to hold you while you cry.

His music can sometimes be considered overly emotional, but his powerful voice and messages always make him worth listening to.

I Will

dwayne johnson music album

The first song on his new album is called “I will.” It’s an upbeat, motivational track that sounds very promising. He sings about how he’ll go after what he wants and not let anything get in his way.

He also promises to never give up and always believe in himself. These are all great tips for anyone who needs some motivation or encouragement.

His voice really does sound like it could convince someone to do things they have been thinking about doing their whole life. You can listen to this song here!

Dwayne has truly mastered the art of singing and entertaining people at the same time. He doesn’t just put out music we can listen to, but music we want to listen to as well. His music makes us feel good and encourages us to keep going even when things get tough.

How to Be a Human Being

dwayne johnson music album

In his music, in his lyrics, and in his life, musician, actor, and entrepreneur Dwayne Johnson teaches us how to be more like him. More focused, productive, self-aware individuals who know what they want out of their lives and go after it with vigor. He also encourages you to evaluate your relationship status according to whether or not you’re in love, and whether or not you believe you deserve better.

The most recent example of this is his song “I’m Not The One” off of his latest album, All I Ask For Is Your Love. In it he tells the story of someone who thinks she has found her one true love, but before she even tries to bring them into her life, she asks herself if she believes she deserves that person. If she does, then great! But if she doesn’t, she should probably look at her situation and see if there are any signs of improvement because you never know when your chance will come again.

His new track is quite catchy and sounds very inspiring.

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