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As we all know, The Rock is an absolute music monster. He has always loved music since he was a kid and now that he’s one of the biggest movie stars in the world, his music collection keeps growing!

He got his start as The Boy Next Door before transitioning into acting, and during those years, he mostly listened to music inspired by hip hop.

But ever since his rise to fame, it’s been a different story. His music collection has exploded with artists across many genres including some very popular tracks.

In this article you will be learning about 6 songs by The Rock that showcase his musical diversity and influence. These songs include ones that feature rap, rock, dance, and even heavy bass!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started exploring The Rock’s favorite songs!

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Dwayne Johnson songbirds

As we know, The Rock has been singing his songs for years now, but he didn’t start recording music until much later in life. He actually only began writing his own material when he was in high school!

Johnson took some time off from studying to focus on pursuing his dreams of being a musician. At that stage, all he really wanted to do was play guitar and be part of a band.

He eventually got into working with other writers and sharing lyrics and melodies, which is how most musicians get their starts. But as popular artists will tell you, it takes a lot of work and perseverance to reach your goal.

It definitely helped that one of his former classmates happened to also love music and was willing to help him out by offering his services as a lyricist. His friend’s persistence paid off and he soon found himself with a job.

Since then, The Rock has made many contributions to the music industry by penning his own tunes and helping others write theirs. He even opened up about some of his struggles as an aspiring singer while promoting his new movie Baywatch.

Enjoy the ride

dwayne johnson music

As mentioned earlier, The Rock has always loved music and he loves sharing his love of it with others. He constantly finds new songs that inspire him to do different things or give him some motivation for the day!

He often shares his favorite songs, artists, and stories about his musical journey via his social media accounts. His Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages are filled with pictures and videos showing off his passion for music and what it means to him.

The more popular actor and musician these days, The Rock has worked hard to develop his craft by taking lessons and investing time in training. He even took singing classes once upon a time!

He’s shared tips and tricks such as how to improve your voice and tone, how to learn guitar, and many other musically related topics. When he does take breaks from acting, you can be sure he will still have his phone full of music apps and tools to enjoy.

Let the bass take control

dwayne johnson music

As we mentioned, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has spent his career to date offering up earworm after earworm of hit songs for other artists. He even launched his own music label in 2017! But now he’s ready to unleash his very first solo song that he wrote himself.

Johnson will release his new track ‘Let The Bass Take Control’ on Friday November 16th as part of an exclusive all-day listening event with Parlophone, his current record label.

He’ll be accompanied by special guests including Grammy Award winner Cassie Davis (DJ set), multi platinum artist MNEIS (rapper) and members of his Rhythm Section – producer Larrance Gordon, drummer Kareem Ibrahim and guitarist Alex Oriahiro.

This is going to be quite the party, so if you want to enjoy it live, there are two ways to do so. You can either listen via Spotify or through Johnson’s website where users will also have access to merchandise and tickets to see him perform at London’s O2 Arena on January 26 2020.

Work hard, play harder

dwayne johnson music

As a professional musician, Dwayne Johnson has inspired many people to pursue their dreams of becoming musicians or learning how to sing for fun. He is an excellent singer himself with his own style that he cultivates in music.

He often sings songs alone to practice his vocals or to create new songs. His song lyrics show that he loves singing and he always puts effort into his voice to sound good.

He also frequently uploads cover videos of popular songs onto YouTube so other singers can learn how to improve their vocal skills. These covers are usually done very well and make use of powerful screams and bass tones to showcase his talent as a singer.

His favorite artists include The Beatles, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Adele, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna who have all been featured at some point in a song. Although he does not necessarily consider himself a fan anymore due to her recent controversies, Kylie Jenner is another artist he still admires.

Stay focused

dwayne johnson music

As mentioned before, being an influencer doesn’t automatically put you in a position to make money. It takes time, effort, and more than just posting videos or tweeting about how much money you have.

Influencers with big followings seem to enjoy what they do, which may be why people are drawn to them. They spend their days sharing and celebrating the life of the person who inspired them to start investing, growing their business, or creating new products.

If you want to connect with other people while also learning more about investment and entrepreneurship, search for influencers in your area or areas that are related to your field.

They can help you learn from their success and maybe even inspire you to begin your own journey.

Don’t get distracted by the flashy things those individuals have- instead focus on spending your time studying what they do and how they did it.

Their hard work paid off because they kept educating themselves and staying motivated. This is something you should always keep up unless you don’t feel like it!

Plan out your daily schedule and add some time for distractions, otherwise your progress will slow down. You would probably save yourself a lot of stress if you simply didn’t let yourself become too immersed in your career.

You are your own best manager

dwayne johnson music

As a musician, you will need to be self-managed at times. There’s no one else that can do it for you except yourself. If you want the career success that comes with being an artist, then you have to put in the work to get there.

As a musician, you will need to be self-managed at times. There’s no one else that can do it for you except yourself. If you want the career success that comes with being an artist, then you have to put in the work to get there.

That means investing time into your craft, networking constantly, educating yourself about music and the business of music, and keeping track of all the different accounts and people that play a part in helping you succeed as an artist.

It also means learning how to manage your emotions so they don’t affect your performance or take too much energy out of you. Your mental state has a big influence on what you produce and how well you perform, which is why having control over yours is important.

Popular music

dwayne johnson music

While most people associate The Rock with action movies, he has also starred in many songs. He even wrote some of his own songs! These include collaborations with other artists as well as solo tracks. Some of these have been hit songs while others have gone unnoticed, but they are all part of what makes him so popular.

The first song featuring The Rock was “That’s What I Get For Loving You Too Much” which he released back in 1997. Since then he has recorded over twenty more songs including ones for movie soundtracks. His success comes from writing catchy lyrics that appeal to both men and women.

He is known for using humor in his songs as well. This includes references to things such as sports or video games. His style can be described as playful and entertaining.

Movie theme songs

dwayne johnson music

A movie’s theme song is an integral part of the film that really sets the tone for what will happen next. Many people enjoy adding music to watch a movie or listening to a soundtrack while they are busy doing something else!

The best way to appreciate the diversity of musical genres in cinema is by looking at some examples. Some popular ones include:

1) An epic love ballad such as “I Will Always Love You” from The Notebook (2005). This beautiful track embodies the feeling of hope, unconditional love and acceptance you feel after watching the movie.

2) An energetic rock tune like Bohemian Rhapsody – which won five Oscars including Best Original Song! It was also nominated for both Favorite Animated Film and Favorite Soundtrack.

3) An up-tempo dance hit such as Your Girl Is MINE from Pitch Perfect (2012). This one has you dancing along with the characters!

4) A slow piano tune such as Somewhere Out There (from Up) is perfect for movies about loneliness.

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