Ready to Level Up? Choose RINGO!

Ringo Starr was one of the most influential drummers in history, if not the most influential drummer in rock and roll history. 

Ringo came onto the scene in the early 60s where the history of the drum set was still being defined, and his unique approach to playing the drums set the standard for an era.  

Ben Heckler is the drummer of one of the most renowned Beatles tribute bands in Spain, The Flaming Shakers. He has spent a lot of time studying Ringo's rhythms and fills. 

He is really excited to share a Free PDF that he has created for Beginner and Intermediate drummers that will get them grooving alone to Beatles' songs while playing the accurate rhythms of the time!
Here is Ben's transcription of Can't Buy Me Love, a classic early era Beatles' tune  that showcases the quick right hand of Ringo. 

Although the hi-hat may sound very open and washy, you can actually distinguish the swing pattern he is playing by listening to the recording and having studied his earlier recordings.

There is basically one pattern that he is repeating throughout the whole song (however one pattern is different on the studio version, which is not included in the PDF).

Click below to download a PDF of the song and click the video below to see Ben playing along to it in his Beatles' tribute band, The Flaming Shakers.

Finally, try to slow the recording down and play along yourself!
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