Full Musical Alphabet

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous music alphabets in history! These musical logos, brands or typefaces are really popular and have some significant meaning to their creators. They help people identify who the artist is, showcase their style, and convey a message.

Many musicians create their own special brand image for themselves by incorporating their into their songs or using it as album art. It also helps spread their name and label, creating a wider audience. Some even use them as a way to make money!

There are many different types of music alphabet designs but we will only be talking about those that feature the full musket here. We will go over some examples and then talk about why they matter. Try out these easy steps and see what kind of results you get!

What is the full musket? The full musket was first used during the colonial era when colonists would arm up for war. Since then, it has become one of the coolest typographic symbols!

It consists of two lines with a bullet in between them. Most versions do not include the “pointed hat” which looks weirdly like an exclamation mark. This makes it hard to tell if it is meant to be lower case or upper case.

Some say this shape represents freedom while others claim it symbolizes unity.

B is for Butterfly

Let’s look at another very beautiful animal! The butterfly or chrysalis stage happens when an insect grows too big to fit in its current environment, so it breaks down and re-creates itself.

Butterflies begin by eating their own internal organs to break down into amino acids they need to grow new ones. They also eat some of their old tissues to provide energy to grow muscles, skin, and other components.

The liver works hard to process all this food while the body repairs and regenerates. When there are no more nutrients left, the butterflies digestive system shuts down and everything goes into preservation mode.

This way, they can survive longer until they find appropriate environments where they could grow back up again. Most insects live and die within just hours, but butterflies can take months or even years depending on the species!

That’s why people often say that nature takes her time, she doesn’t rush things. Butterflies are natural explorers who want to know what else there is out there for them to explore.

C is for Coconut

full musical alphabet

Let’s start with our new favorite food group, coconut! Many people seem to love it and there are many ways to enjoy it. It can be in salves, sodas, or just as plain meaty pieces.

When baking, most recipes call for coconut milk which is simply dried coconut water mixed into an oil-based liquid. This can be used instead of heavy cream in certain recipes like chocolate chip cookies or vanilla cake.

Many diets don’t include too much fat, so using coconut milk in place of heavier oils or fats is a way to get some of that healthy fat without having to completely cut out other foods. Some brands add extra sweeteners to make it more accessible for everyone.

There are even products that contain only coconut milk and sugar to help satisfy your thirst while you are trying to lose weight.

D is for Doggie

full musical alphabet

Let’s look at our first word, which is ‘doggie’. A doggy-style position is also known as doggy style, or dog pile. This term comes from the way dogs interact with one another in packs.

When they are all gathered together, there is usually an individual that stands out to get some attention. The rest of the pack gathers around this individual to be fed by him or her. This is what gives us the term ‘doggy style’ because during doggy style, one person gets focused attention while their partner is hungry.

This concept can work beautifully when applied to humans! In fact, it is a very common human sexual position. One person lies down (the bottom) and the other sits or kneels (the top). It is perfect for people who like more gentle touches and intimate playtime.

If you want to try this position, start with laying your top side up. Then lower yourself onto your elbow and knee, making sure both legs are supported properly. When you are feeling comfortable, move either foot off the ground and press into the thigh of the leg underneath to gain deeper penetration.

E is for Elephant

full musical alphabet

The next letter of the musical alphabet is definitely not what you would expect. An elephant does not sound like something that starts with the letter E, but it makes sense! When elephants are very young, they try to get rid of their baby trunk by pulling on it. This is why some elephants have a small stub where their trunks used to be.

Just like babies who lose their first teeth, this sometimes leaves them without strong vertical muscles in their mouth which can cause problems speaking and swallowing.

Some people may find it funny when an adult animal loses part of its body or fur, but it can also hurt the animals feelings.

It is important to understand how much pain an elephant has suffered before deciding if it is okay to laugh at it. Sometimes adults will grow back their missing hair and skin, but it could take months or even years depending on the size of the loss and how serious the wound was.

Given enough time, most wounds heal on their own. Even though elephants are large creatures, they do manage to survive quite well with just around 100 layers of thick hide layer over bone. Luckily, they learn how to control their emotions so these things usually don’t last too long.

F is for Frog

full musical alphabet

The most famous frog of all time is undoubtedly Prince, but there are many other well-known frogs in the world! What makes some species more popular than others? Is it due to beauty or striking behavior? Or both?!

Many people enjoy watching amphibians eat. A few interesting behaviors include chasing down another animal’s prey or swallowing their own tail! Some animals don’t like being eaten either, which can sometimes result in an entertaining match!

Other reasons to admire frogs are their beautiful colors and patterns. There are even ones that glow in the dark! And some survive very long without food by going into hibernation or developing internal organs such as lungs or heart muscles.

But perhaps my favorite thing about frogs is they are totally free! They do not need to be owned, nor do they require any special care. You can watch them frolic around ponds, breed and give birth all year round!

There are over 6,000 different frog species in the world! Many of these are only known to science at this moment, so we really have no idea how diverse they truly are! Luckily, with technology becoming increasingly advanced, that is changing.

G is for Girl

full musical alphabet

Let’s look at the letter ‘G’ as the final letter of the musical alphabet! The first word we will learn with this week’s new vocabulary term is actually not a sound, it is a person. A girl!

A female human being who exists and thrives through consuming and producing other people’s energy. She is an influence seeker and she seeks out different energies to add into her own. This does not mean that she takes things from you, but rather that she adds in some power by interacting with you.

She actively looks to connect with others and create relationships. While she may not necessarily make commitments directly related to love, she does desire intimacy and friendship. When these are available, she makes them strong so that they last longer.

Her appetite for life and engagement with it comes from her need to feel connected. Without connection, she can become very lonely.

Her desire to be known and understood grows out of her innate curiosity about what made her significant in the past. This is why she loves looking back over old memories and learning from them.

Overall, girls are oriented towards relationship and communication. They value understanding and acknowledging each other’s points of view and they are good at expressing feelings.

H is for Horse

full musical alphabet

The next letter of the musical alphabet is something many people are not familiar with. When learning how to sing, the first thing you should learn is how to pronounce the letter H! This letter stands for horse.

When singing this song, start by taking a deep breath and then let it out slowly. Then, as you breathe in, say “horse” as you exhale. Repeat this process twice more until you can easily repeat the word horse.

After being pronouced correctly, the next step is to associate the sound of the horse with the music of the song. For example, if the song sounds like it could be about horses, then use that tone and rhythm when singing the horse.

General tips: try practicing your breathing and pronunciation before moving onto the next part of the song. Also, instead of using an autotune or voice changing app, find a way to naturally produce a good quality horse sound.

I is for Ice Cream

full musical alphabet

In all likelihood, you have already figured out how to play the alphabet song (yes, that thing where kids learn their letters by singing them). If not, don’t worry! There are only so many sounds in the English language, and it can be pretty easy to memorize most of them.

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