Good Drum Beats For Beginners – A Guide

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss good drum beats for beginners in which you should master them. When your drums playing is not in sync with the groove, it makes your listening experience unpleasant.

It also makes it difficult to perform well on stage. If you want to play with conviction and groove, you must understand what a good beat is and what your beginner level should be.


drummer playing live

Once you have mastered drum beats for beginners, you can take it further. You can improvise on your own with the basic beat and beat it to another piece of music.

But, you must have strength and stamina to play to another musical composition with confidence and stamina.

However, you should be aware that it takes a lot of effort to reach your fullest potential as a drummer. This kind of workout will improve your stamina and muscles with time.

Is your time and determination right?

A few good drum beats can open a world of musical possibilities. But, your natural abilities will tell you when you are pushing too hard.

When your body starts hurting, it is time to slow down and rest. Is your drumming time just not happening?

It is okay if it is because you are too much into drums than into other things in life.

You must make efforts and dedicate yourself to your passion. However, you must also understand that achieving your goals will not be an overnight thing.

It is going to take a lot of work to master your drums to a new level. If you still want to improve your drum skills, work harder on your body and stamina.

How do you focus?

For most drummers, it is a process of constant thinking and analyzing what they are doing. They are already listening to a few songs in order to learn it.

But, it is necessary to learn it with your own voice and style. It is important to have clear sight of what you are doing and what you want to achieve.

Good drum beats for beginners give you that clarity of mind. When you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and can focus on your overall goals, you will be able to nail it.

Forget about technology

Just like in every other field, technology has taken a big place in the drumming industry. You have to create a strong foundation in the basics before you dive into other technologies.

So, it is important to start out with drumming without any technological devices and programs. This will give you an instant understanding of what the basics are.

Another point is that you must understand that technology is a tool that can be used to learn. You cannot look for the answers in a book or on a music website.

Your focus must be on the basics and not the other things.

Decide your own strategy

Deciding your own strategy is critical to the success of drumming. In the last few years, there have been different trends in the drumming industry.

The new drummers try to gain popularity with the changes in their style and beats.

However, these new trends often cause confusion among the advanced drummers. They are too much into the new trends, which give them nothing but disappointment in the long run.

In order to have a professional drumming career, you must decide on your own strategy.

By listening to the drum beat for beginners, you will be able to plan your own strategy to develop yourself to a professional level.

You will have more confidence when you know what you are doing.

Look for inspiration

To be a good drum beat player, you need to constantly learn and learn better. It is very important for you to find your own inspiration.

You must go beyond the usual sources such as YouTube videos or online forums. There are many videos online that can inspire you to play.

The most common songs used in drumming videos and podcasts are drum beats from classic games and music.

You can find many drummers online that inspire you and motivate you to play better. This will inspire you to work harder and be successful in your goal.

In summary, if you want to start your journey in the world of drumming, follow the tips given in this article.

People who have been successful in the music industry have been great drummers. You can work hard to improve your drum skills.

In the end, you will see that you are well on your way to becoming a professional drumming player.

The most successful songs

black iphone 7 on macbook pro

1. Simlish

The song has received over 1.5 billion views on YouTube. It’s sung by Xavii, and it has also become the most played song on the video sharing site.

As far as us human beings are concerned, it is a very impressive beat and we love it.

There are other beats too, but this is the one we want to talk about. Do listen to it before proceeding.

2. I Will

This beat sounds simple, but has excellent dynamics. We cannot forget to mention the kick and the snare of the beat.

It’s also worth listening to more songs by Xavii.

3. Bon Bon The Squirrel

This beat is a variation of the above, but you can add your own own creativity to it. The main part of this song is the snare drum and some of the samples used in the song are pretty unique.

4. Main Course

Here is one more song from Xavii. The beat of the song has been inspired from the drums from those fast foods.

Try and play this song with faster notes instead of the ‘cheeky snare’!

5. Hello

This beat is very enjoyable and the snare plays a major role in the beat. Apart from this, it’s an interesting and enjoyable beat.

6. It’s Me

The combination of drum beats of the last two songs give the final song ‘It’s Me’ a different feeling. Here the snare is featured and the result is impressive.

7. Knock, Knock

The sound is very simple and quick. It’s the number 5 hit of 2016.

As for us, the beat is very simple, but the quick tempo makes it a must listen for those who want to improve the speed of their drumming skills.

8. Blood Thirsty

It’s really cool and inspiring drum beat that makes the whole song quite energetic. The pace is very much like a real war.

The beat is not easy to make, but it’s a good way of understanding drumming basics.

9. Buck Yourself

Buck Yourself is one of the most famous free-style drum beats of all times. Don’t you think that this beat sounds awesome?

The fast fast tempo makes this one really hard to make.

10. Instrumental

This is one of the few modern beat that sounds like the sample used in the song is actually a real drum.

The tones of the snare drum are unique and it’s worth listening to!


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