Greatest Musicians Of All Time

Posted by Mike Schumacher

Music is one of the greatest forms of expression we have as humans. It can be heard through various instruments, styles, and genres. What makes a piece of music beautiful is how well it expresses what the composer intended for it to say.

Many people are familiar with some types of music; songs that get stuck in your head, melodies you cannot help but sing along to, or maybe even pieces like “Boom Chicka Boom”!

However, there are many other musical modes and formats that were not commonly known about until more recently. Some of these newer formats include:

Rhythms- such as āta rāga (south indian style rhythm) and kamala rāga (tamil style rhythm);

metered rhythms- such as dṛń gārūḍa (north indian meter) and avarana sāngava (gaurantee gaestle patterning); and

tempo- such as adagio, allegro, and moderato.

These new music formats use certain principles of mathematics to determine the timing of the song. More importantly, they all contribute to our understanding of the music and why musicians choose them over others.

In this article, I will discuss one of my favorite music concepts — melodic minor.

Madonna as The Girl

As we mentioned earlier, one of Madonna’s most iconic roles is that of The Girl. She has embodied this character in many ways throughout her career, but arguably her most famous portrayal of The Girl comes from her 1989 album, Like A Prayer. In this song, she raps about giving your heart to someone for no reason other than they make you feel good when you are around them.

Madonna herself described this track as being “about true love” and it definitely fits into that category. The lyrics also describe how The Girl feels like she can do anything because he makes her believe in herself and that gives her the confidence to try new things.

This interpretation really highlights what part of the song The Girl sounds like- insanely confident! If you listen closely, you will hear these qualities in the way Madonna speaks when she sings certain lines in the song. For example, she says “I could be the one” five times and each time she uses the word I, she becomes more passionate. This creates an incredible effect that matches the intensity of the lyric “Give me your heart now without any second thoughts”.

Overall, this version of The Girl is extremely powerful and inspiring. It’s clear that Madonna loves this character very much and wanted to show people that anyone can achieve their dreams if they put their mind to it.

The Muses

m musical

Let’s talk about the Muse for writers, shall we? What is the muse? The muse is that internal force that inspires you to create writing – fiction or non-fiction, blogs or extended essays, it doesn’t matter.

The muse can be someone, something, or even nothing! It’s not necessarily an individual, rather than your own inner creativity coming out, what helps you develop your writing skills is external inspiration.

This could be finding a book you love and reading lots of books related to your field, people doing work like yours, or anything that gives you ideas. Or listening to music, watching movies or television shows, talking to friends and family, and so on.

It’s all inspirational in some way or another!

Your muse may come and go, but she’ll always keep you motivated to write. She’ll help you take those first steps towards creating your writing by giving you ideas or asking questions. And when she’s quiet, you’ll know it’s time to relax and recover before you get back into the writing swing of things.

What I love about this concept of the musing writer is that anyone can have a creative burst at any time. No matter who you are, if you want to write, you can find your muse and spend time with her/him until he/she leaves.

The Muses: Three

m musical

In Greek mythology, there were three goddesses who inspired and contributed to the production of literature and art in ancient Greece. They are called the Muse of History, the Muse of Poetry, and the Muse of Oratory or Rhetoric.

The Muse of History is known for her emphasis on knowledge and recollection. She inspires writers to create stories that keep us awake at night by exploring new ideas and concepts. A few famous historians include Mark Twain, Ernest Hemingway, and John Steinbeck.

The Muse of Poetry encourages poets to use imagery and describe things in poetic form. Some say this helps them connect with others through writing and reading poetry. Many believe Robert Frost was influenced by the Muse of Poetry when he coined the term “I would not be here if I had been given enough time”.1

The Muse of Oratory teaches people how to speak effectively and persuasively so they can win an argument or get someone to agree with you. This includes using tone, vocabulary, and reasoning correctly. People have used these strategies to inspire change, talk about difficult topics, influence others, and promote their own products and services.

Top Muses

m musical

As mentioned before, musical styles are like languages. They have different sounds and lyrics that tell people who you are as an artist and what your style is. People can tell how much effort you put into your music by your songwriting and lyrical content!

As artists, we often get attached to our own styles and things we want to create, so it’s very hard when someone else takes something we love and adds their touch to it. This could be adding another element to it (like guitars or piano), changing the genre, or creating his or her own style off of ours.

Some top muses include Ariana Grande, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Adele, Beyoncé, and more! These ladies have inspired many artists to pursue creative careers, and they always bring out the best in those artists.

Grande has written several songs about relationships including ones with Drake, Nick Jonas, and Future. Her writing style is also quite interesting, she usually uses poetic word choice and metaphors to convey her messages.

Perry wrote her famous track “Firework” about leaving a relationship, which is probably why it is one of the most popular firework songs ever! She also writes relatable, catchy melodies and vocals, making her music easy to listen to.

Swift is well-known for her clean singing voice and use of rhyme and poetry in her songs.

Top Ten Muses

m musical

As we have seen, there are many different types of musicianship, but what all great artists share in common is their use of inspiration as an element to create new music or develop existing songs.

As human beings, we find sources of inspiration from a variety of areas; it can be something small like a tone or melody that sticks with you, or bigger ideas that influence how you compose.

These inspirations can come from around us – nature, art, literature, etc – or they may be internalized themes such as love, hope, fear, or motivation.

Whatever the source, these concepts can be translated into musical notes, rhythms, and melodies, and when mixed together, they’re reflected back in your work.

Here we will discuss ten famous muses who played a significant role in inspiring composers and songwriters for generations.

Most Influential Muses

m musical

As we mentioned before, musicians are very influential individuals. They not only listen to music, but they also learn how to play an instrument or develop their singing voice. This is why having someone special in your life who loves music can have major influence on you as a person and musician.

If you ever feel like quitting music, there will be so many people out there that would tell you that you don’t know what you’re doing and that you should give up. All of these people who love music could be the ones keeping you motivated!

As hard as it may be to believe, there are plenty of people who never really understood how to play an instrument well. I myself was always told that I played music too good for my own age, and then I hit puberty and everything changed.

But now that I’m older, I understand more about music and how talented I truly am. And even though I still struggle with some instruments, I’ve learned how to work around them and use them to help me achieve my goals.

Famous Muses

m musical

Some artists are known for their unique style or personality that they bring to creating art. These individuals often fans develop an attachment to their work because of these traits. They may even feel inspired by their aesthetic after studying them.

Many famous musicians use music as a tool to express themselves, convey a message, or explore new sounds and concepts. Others enjoy experimenting with different musical genres and styles to see what effects it has on their songwriting and/or artwork!

Some famous muses include Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adele, Justin Bieber, and many more.

Popular Muses

m musical

There are many different types of musicianship you can learn, but some are more popular than others. What is important to know as you pursue music lessons is what your instructor will be looking at when they ask you to do something. If someone asks you to sing a song or play an instrument that you don’t like, it may hurt your motivation to take lessons.

Some musics are just not for you! You might very well get really frustrated because you would rather spend your money on other things. It is best to find out early on if a certain style of music makes you feel uncomfortable.

There are several famous musical styles that we look into when trying to determine who our favorite artists are. These include:


Alternative rock


New wave

Old school hip hop





For example, I love old school rap. My personal favorites include The Jackson 5 and Tupac. I also enjoy listening to some contemporary rappers.

However, I am never drawn in by the lyrics nor their flow. Rather, I appreciate how hard they work and how dedicated they are to their craft. This inspiration helps me to strive to make my songs sound solid and meaningful.

Overall, I believe that all genres have great talent spread throughout them. It is up to each individual which genre they desire to explore and expand upon.

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