Hearing Drum Beats In Ear - What You Need To Know

Posted by Jam Addict Staff

This article will discuss hearing drum beats in ear drums. Hearing drum beats in your ear drums might sound strange at the first.

So, if you heard drum beats in your ear drums, you should know what exactly is happening.

During your daily activities, some sounds become audible. One of the important examples of this is the noise you hear while cutting something on your hand.

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Likewise, hearing these sounds as there's a constant physical movement makes the noise as clear as it can be.

To clarify, hearing these sounds becomes clear when we hear drum beats. This is a common occurrence in the ears that are in different positions.

So, if you feel as if you are hearing drum beats in your ear drums, you might be right. This article will provide you with a simple method to hearing drum beats in your ear drums.

Why does the sound of the drum beat happen?

We can understand the idea behind the sound of the drum beats easily. But, why does the sound of the drum beats happen in the ears?

Drum beats happen in the inner part of the ear, which is called the ear drum. It is a structure which is placed within the middle ear and will let you hear some sounds during your daily activities.

We all hear some sounds through the inner ear but some sounds are produced in the outer parts of the ear.

As the inner part of the ear consists of large bones, it cannot produce sound waves that are sufficient to be heard by the people.

We hear the sound of the human voice using a tube called the bone conduction. This is the only way where we can hear something at the outer part of the ear.

This tube is a hollow tube, which is formed in the back of the head. It is situated on the skull bone and the sound waves travel through this tube.

As the sound waves pass through the tube, they emerge in the ear and get amplified by the ear drum.

As these sounds come to the ear, we can hear these sounds because of the sound properties that our ears generate.

In case, when we talk on the phone with someone or interact with people, we are not actually talking to the person's mouth but to the sound source.

It is because the noise comes to the ear and is amplified when the sound comes through the mouth, we can hear the voice, thanks to the process of sound processing.

When the sound comes to the ear, our brains deciphers the sound and understand the information that the external speaker is giving to us.

How to hear drum beats in ear?

So, you want to know how to hear drum beats in your ear drums? Let us find out in this article.

The first step is to understand what exactly is happening in the ears. This will help you to understand how to create drum beats in your ear.

Take A Notebook, And Make A Line,

This line will help you understand what is happening in the ears when you hear the drum beats in ear.

First, remove your ear buds. After removing them, the sounds from your phone will come to your ears.

However, instead of listening to your phone, try to feel the sound as it comes to your ear. Notice the sensations that you experience.

Feel it with your ears. With the help of these sensations, you can understand the actions that the sounds of the drum beats happen.

As you are able to understand what the actions that these sounds are, you can create these sounds in your ear. Next, insert your ear buds into your ears.

After inserting them, begin to feel what it is like when the sounds that you feel in your ear come to your ears. So, you can notice the sensations that are present in your ear and feel the sound as it comes to your ear.

Try to feel the sensation that you experience and try to recreate the feeling. Try to create a beat with the help of these feelings.

You can hear the drum beats in your ear when you go to the toilet. Drum beats can be heard when you blow on a water pipe.

How to beat the drum beats in ear?

Seated man listening music on this phone

So, we understand the underlying idea behind the sounds of drum beats in the ear. Now, let us get on to the next step of the drum beats in the ear.

The next step is to create the drum beats in your ear. Now, as you are able to understand how drum beats can be created in your ear, the next step is to listen to the sounds that you can make in your ear.

You will find a sound source close to you and an ear bud.

What you need to do in this step:

Turn your head to listen to the sounds in your ear. Now, this sounds that you can make in your ear should have a certain frequency and should be recognizable.

To identify these sounds, you will have to get your ear buds connected to the source of the sound. It should be close to you so that you can identify the sounds that are coming from it.

Now, you will find that the sound has a certain frequency and it can be identified by your ears. As soon as you identify this sound, just decide to press the beat button of the ear bud that you are wearing.

By pressing this button, it will start the sound that you are hearing in your ear. It is advisable to take care of your finger tips and use them to press the beat button.

Continue to do this until you find that you are able to create drum beats in your ear.


In the end, you will understand the process behind the drum beats in the ear. It is pretty easy to understand and execute.

This will help you to create the drum beats in your ear and can take your drumming skills to the next level.

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