Hearing Drum Beats In Ear – What You Need To Know

Posted by Mike Schumacher

This article will discuss how to hear drum beat in your ear, or better yet—in your head!

So if you’re interested in learning how to hear beats in your head this article will give you some tips.

Listen to instrumental music

The best way to get beats in your ear is to take out the vocals and just listen to instrumental music.

Try to listen to instrumental beat music, where the beat is the only sound. Try to hear the beat in the melody of the music. If you’ve got music in your head and you’re not listening to a song you’re probably not hearing the beats. You can try going to a place that is usually quiet and listen to instrumental music with out sound. This will help you get in the zone. You might want to bring ear buds so you can listen with your headphones in.

There’s nothing better than hearing that drum beat in your head but it takes some practice to get there. Sometimes when I sit to meditate I hear music or instruments playing in my head. I usually hear the heartbeat. I don’t know if there’s a correlation with my ability to be in the zone but it might be the same with some others.

When I first started hearing drum beats in my head I would sit down and try to hear it over music. To start, there’s nothing more irritating than hearing music in your head and you’re trying to hear the beat in there.

It was really hard because I would try to focus on hearing the beat and it was very distracting. I just sat there and listened for the drums and kept my mind on them. It’s hard to practice something like this, but if you can get the mind to stay on the music you’re practicing or focusing on something it will help.

Listening to the sounds of natureTo begin, learn how to play drum by playing a song and learning drum patterns from your drum kit. Start small and work up to larger rhythmic sequences.

Find drum beat by playing drum patterns
When playing with a drummer learn to use the drummer’s timing in your playing. For example, let’s say the drummer is playing an open hi-hat pattern and you want to play a kick cymbal. You can time your pattern to the drummer’s hi-hat pattern.

If you play a drum pattern to the rhythm of the drummer, you will find your drum patterns sounding different and easier to play. A great way to find your drum beat is by listening to a song and just playing the part of the song with one finger for the hi-hat.

Here’s an example of how I was able to learn to play a rhythm that was coming from an electronic music producer.

Basic Drum Beats Combo Sheet music | Download free in PDF or MIDI | Musescore.com

Program beats or start recording beats on your phone

Seated man listening music on this phone

Record a beat — beat boxing or tapping

Start by making a beat and record it onto your phone (a phone recording is not always the best, as it does not provide the stereo width you need, but you can choose not to record the audio if you’d like). Open the beat up in an app, and play the beat until you can pick up the beats in your head.

This can be done by holding your phone or listening to the audio. Now if you want to hear the beats more clearly, you can take your recording and adjust the volume levels of your ears, and you can also turn the volume way up, and close your eyes to eliminate as much visual noise as possible. You will still need to pick up the beats in your head, so don’t overdo it too much.

What you need to do in this step:

Turn your head to listen to the sounds in your ear. Now, this sounds that you can make in your ear should have a certain frequency and should be recognizable.

To identify these sounds, you will have to get your ear buds connected to the source of the sound. It should be close to you so that you can identify the sounds that are coming from it.

Now, you will find that the sound has a certain frequency and it can be identified by your ears. As soon as you identify this sound, just decide to press the beat button of the ear bud that you are wearing.

By pressing this button, it will start the sound that you are hearing in your ear. It is advisable to take care of your finger tips and use them to press the beat button.

Continue to do this until you find that you are able to create drum beats in your ear.

Download an app

There are many types of apps that can help you hear the drums in your head.

For instance, some drum beat apps allow you to program your beats or play a prerecorded beat.

Other apps just play different types of beats depending on the beat program you select. Let’s take a look at a drum beat app called Beatmaker that can help you hear drum beats in your head.

Beatmaker is one of the best drum beat apps to program beats, and starting hearing drum beats in your head.

You can program beats with Beatmaker, play pre-recorded beats, or load beats to play. Beatmaker is fairly intuitive, with an easy to understand interface.

You just click the tab on the pads to hear the sound you want to select.

Next you can input the program of the beats.


In the end, if you want hear drum beats in your head you need to listen to instrumental music, program music and learn a bit of drums.

This will help you to create the drum beats in your head and can take your drumming skills to the next level.

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