How Alphabets Were Made

Posted by Mike Schumacher

As we already discussed, the alphabet is a very important tool in literacy! The way that you use your letters comes down to how you use the different sounds of the language.

The sound that makes up the letter A is what English speakers refer to as the /a/ or “voiceless” sound. You probably know this sound because it is used to make some words start with an A- like talk and walk.

This doesn’t mean that there isn’t any sound when the word ends with -y so someone who didn’t learn about the phoneme theory of spelling could still write their name as Abbey instead of Abby. (We’ll discuss why that’s not a good idea later!)

If you were ever called “A” for something then you made the same sound as the letter A. This is the most common way to pronounce the letter A. It does get shortened to just “a” sometimes but only if there are no other vowels next to each other before the A. For example, they would say “car” rather than “cars.”

The second way to identify the letter A in English is through its pronunciation as the first syllable of farm. This is actually how many people speak around the world including those from Spain where they lose the r sound at the end of every word.

In fact, even within America, everyone pronounces the letter A slightly differently depending on the area! There are several reasons for this but none too significant.

Number 1: 1) The number 1 is a great place to start when trying to identify something

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These three examples clearly show that making something that performs its task well and is affordable is a powerful way to win over customers.

Identify the alphabetical order: 1) A is the first letter

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Let’s look at an example. The word “alphabet” begins with the letter A because there is no other letter in the word that is bigger than the A. If there was, then it would go before A! For instance, B is two times larger than A, so it comes after it.

The next largest letter in the English language is I, which only appears once in the whole dictionary. Therefore, the word “alphabetic” starts with IA and not AI as some people may suggest.

Identify the alphabetical order: 2) B is the second letter

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Let’s look at our initial example again, this time organized by the alphabetic order of the letters. In other words, we will organize the numbers by how many steps it takes to get to the next higher letter.

So, if you want to go from 1 to A, your starting place is always going to be either a or b depending on whether you start with a lower case or an upper case.

From there, you work your way up using your index finger, then your middle finger, then your ringfinger, and finally your pinky.

Identify the alphabetical order: 3) C is the third letter

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Let’s look at some examples to see how this works!

The first word in our example is “identify.”

Let’s put the three most important letters of this word (the ones that matter the most) in the correct place in the alphabet.

We will go from the least to the most important, starting with the Letter C.

C does not play an essential part in the meaning of the word identify, so we can skip it and move onto the next most important letter. The second most important letter after A is I.

I does relate to the meaning of the whole sentence, but only slightly. Only one little bit! So we will keep it as it is and move onto the next most important letter.

The next most important letter is O. This one changes the entire meaning of the sentence completely!

So let us take another look at the full sentence again:

Identify the letter that follows the word car in the alphabet

If you take your time to think about the statement, what it asks for is to find the next logical letter in the alphabet following the word car. In other words, determine the next best letter.

Identify the alphabetical order: 4) D is the fourth letter

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In order to determine the position of a letter in an alphabet, we first need to know what position the whole word you are looking for occupies!
You can do this by taking the initial part (the first element- A through M) and putting it in numerical order.

From there, go back and add one more to get your new letter’s place value. The number after the A goes up to 10, B goes up to 11, and so on until you get to Z which stands for 30.

Once again, take the initial part and put it into order. This time, however, move all the numbers down by one (keep going till you hit a space). Your new letter becomes the last item in the sequence!

The reason why doing this works is because when you add two numbers together they create a third number – their product. So if I were to add three and five together, I would have eight. Eight is not a prime number, so it creates a new number set that is made up only of primes.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z are all unique letters and therefore have no other elements that make up a larger number. They are also called isolated or indivisible numbers.

Identify the alphabetical order: 5) E is the fifth letter

Now that you know your letters in order, it’s time to organize them! The hardest part will be figuring out how to organize yours by position or by appearance. For example, if your middle name starts with an “A,” then you can put your middle initial next to it. If your last name contains no spaces, you can go left to right for the last names and space first for the middle names.

If your last name has a space after it, however, you would have to do it the other way around. You could also use colorcoded index cards or pieces of paper to find your organization easy and quick.

Some people organize their letters according to what position they think they sound like when said (for instance, most people say M as the second letter because it sounds like the word me). Or maybe they place the letter in a circle or square shape depending on whether it looks similar to another letter.

Identify the alphabetical order: 6) F is the sixth letter

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The next step in learning the Greek letters is to identify their place in the alphabetic sequence. This is called the romanization or identification of each letter!

The way you do this is by placing each letter in alphabetical order. For example, the first letter of the word “alphabet” is A, so we would say “A is the first letter of the alphabet.” Next, we would say “B is one more than A, so B becomes the second letter of the alphabet.” And so on until Z, which is our last letter in the alphabet.

This process of ordering is how most people learn the Greeks because it uses concepts that anyone can understand. However, there are some who find this method difficult to follow.

There are many ways to organize the Greek alphabet, making it hard for students to know which position their letter goes into. Some use an order based on the number of sounds the letter makes (i.e., alpha, beta, gamma), while others put them in order of what shape they come in (alpha, beta, chi, etc.).

However, none of these systems are considered better than the other. They all work just as well if not even slightly easier for the average student.

Identify the alphabetical order: 7) G is the seventh letter

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In this position, you will be asked to identify the alphabetical order of the letter G. The answer is simply that it comes after O and before Q.

This seems very straightforward, but there are some tricky exceptions! If we look at the word “go” in its full form (golang), then you will see that the g is not placed between o and q, but instead as an extra syllable that makes the whole word longer. This creates an ambiguous ordering.

In fact, even though golang is considered a legitimate English word, there is no universally accepted rule about how it should be ordered. Some dictionaries list it as golang, while others put the l first or leave out the middle sound.

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