How Did Rock Music Begin?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

When humans first began to make sounds, they did not have music. They had chants or songs that incorporated rhythm and rhyme but nothing close to what we call music today.

Music is an expression of emotion designed to influence people. It was not until many years later when musicians started using notes and chords to create melodies and patterns.

These composers would use these sequences to inspire emotions in their listeners. People became inspired by these rhythms and melodies and thus music was born!

History repeats itself, you know? Just like how rock bands come and go, there are theories about where music originated as well. Some say it came from Africa while others claim it arose in Asia. No matter which theory is true, one thing is for sure – early human beings made beautiful sound effects and tunes!

What is the difference between a song and a chant? A song has a sequence of notes organized into a pattern that can be repeated. This organization is called a melody or sometimes referred to as a score.

A chant is just a series of sounds with no particular order. However, some types of chanting do contain a rhythm which makes it more formal.

First big stars

Ever since we humans began singing, other people have inspired us to do it. Artists like Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Adele, and Ariana Grande all had their first success as singers due to how well they sang and what they sounded like when they did it.

Their natural talent made them good at producing sounds and music, which is why most of them still does it today!

And while some may say that their voice is just “vocal” or that they use special effects too much, none of those things matter unless you want to be in the business doing those things.

If you love listening to songs and studying how artists produce sound, then learning how to sing like these great performers is a must!

There are many ways to learn how to sing like a professional, but one of the best is by watching their videos and listening to their songs. You can also watch YouTube tutorials on how to improve your vocal skills.

Not only will this help you get into the music industry, it will also make you enjoy singing more of an activity than something you need money for.

First TV shows

how did rock music begin

Before there were songs, there were stories! Ancient civilizations left recordings of their experiences in nature, history, and mythology. These recordings are called epics or narratives because they tell a story with a beginning, middle, and end.

These early tales focused on gods interacting with humans and human interactions with each other. As time passed, these stories became more complex. People started creating fictional characters that interacted with one another to create new stories.

The first people to do this were poets. Poets would make up poems and put them into books we now call anthologies or poetry collections.

Next, writers began writing down what they knew about life. They wrote essays and fiction novels, both of which use dialogue and narrative structure to tell a story.

Music is a type of storytelling. Songs tell us how different parts of the world work, why things happen, and what it means for us to be alive.

First big concerts

how did rock music begin

Before there were songs, there was music! Early humans made sounds to communicate, praise gods or celebrate events. They also sang simple melodies and rhythms to express themselves and convey messages.

It is said that ancient Chinese musicians were some of the first people to make use of tuned instruments. Tuned instruments require you to press down hard on certain parts of the instrument to produce different notes, which makes it more durable than an un-tuned instrument like a xylophone where each part has to be pressed very firmly to get a note.

Tuned instruments are much easier to make since you do not have to worry about getting proper tone from every part of the instrument. The natural resonant qualities of the body of the instrument take care of this for you!

And the modern equivalent of the xylophone is probably the guitar.

First YouTube

how did rock music begin

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg founded The Facebook. It was originally called “The Social Networking Website” before changing its name later on. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most well-known websites in the world!

Zuckerberg initially used his personal money to create what would become the biggest social media platform of all time. He did this by creating an online forum where people could interact with each other and share information.

By 2016, there were over 1 billion active users on Facebook alone. That is just insane!

With such a large audience, it made sense that companies started using Facebook as a way to promote themselves or their products. This is how music began appearing on Facebook.

You may have heard of some of these songs before, but many haven’t. Some are obscure songs that only few know about, while others are more well known. Either way, they’ve been connected to the start of rock music.

First social media

how did rock music begin

Before there were music festivals, before people gathered to sing songs together in groups, rock bands didn’t exist! Sure, we have pictures of musicians performing for other people, but they are not called bands back then. They were either singers or instrumentalists who performed for an audience that came to hear them speak or play their instruments.

It was not until the 19th century when musical gatherings began to take place outside of organized events such as banquets, balls, or theatres. These informal get-togethers would usually begin with someone playing a song and everyone else joining in soon after.

These early musicians wouldn’t formally join together into groups like The Beatles, nor did they use stage names, but they did write their own stories in music. Artists such as Bob Dylan, Adele, Taylor Swift, and Justin Timberlake all made significant contributions to our culture by incorporating themes and concepts into their lyrics.

First elections

how did rock music begin

After his death, Plato’s writings were compiled into what we know as The Republic. This book features an extended discussion about music and its effects on society. He discussed how music can influence people in both positive and negative ways, and why this is so.

Plato believed that rhythm was linked to the roots of all living things. When there is a lack of harmony within yourself or your surroundings, it can cause mental and physical illness.

He thought that too much noise could be physically harmful because it overstimulates the senses. Emotions are also influenced by listening to loud music, which can sometimes lead to violence.

Music that has strong lyrics is more effective than one with no meaning, but some believe that singing is for children only.

There have been many theories on what makes a song successful. Some say it is the melody, while others cite the lyrics or the overall flow of the song.

First piracy

how did rock music begin

Before there were music companies, before record labels that signed artists to promote their songs, what we now refer to as rock n’ roll existed in a form where anyone could make music and share it with the world.

You don’t necessarily need money to put out a song or album, which is why many people consider musicians like The Beatles, who made tons of money for having lots of popular songs, to be rich.

Their success came not only from paying label executives to listen to their music but also from sharing their work free online via sites like YouTube and Spotify.

In fact, some say that Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr actually invented the internet by creating the very first website back in 1991!

This doesn’t mean they’re no longer wealthy, though- just that they achieved wealth through different routes than most others.

First censorship

how did rock music begin

Many people credit rock music with changing society for the better, but not everyone agrees. Some claim that some songs are just about getting drunk or partying and have negative effects on listeners. Others say that some bands contribute to violence and destruction of property. These accusations usually arise from one thing: political statements in songs.

Some examples of this include lyrics such as “F**k Trump”, which many claim encourages hatred towards the president, and “Why don’t we do something?”, which some believe is an invitation to go out and cause chaos.

These types of songs sometimes get censored or banned because of this. In fact, it’s very likely that most people you talk to have heard of at least one song that was officially removed due to content.

In 2002, The Police were performing their hit song “Truth Be Told” when someone in front decided to start clapping instead. This led to a complete silence of the crowd and TV audience, and a removal of the song off all media platforms for two weeks!

Music has always been a form of expression, so why should things be different now? Artists need to express themselves how they want to without restrictions. It would also seem rather hypocritical if there were no rules on what can and cannot be said.

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