How Do You Identify Rock Music?

Posted by Mike Schumacher

What is rock music? That is perhaps the most difficult question to answer as there are so many different definitions depending on who you ask! Some people may use it as a genre, while other’s consider it a style or approach to writing lyrics or music. Others associate it with a particular instrument (like guitar, bass, etc.) or voice type (clean, gritty, soulful, etc.).

Some even view it as an era or time period of music, like early punk, grunge, alternative, etc. All true statements, but all very vague. People often get bogged down in what exactly defines “rock” but then lose interest because they can’t identify any specific examples!

That isn’t a good way to evaluate something though. If you want to know if movie was good, you don’t watch it and assess whether it was pleasant or not; you measure it by its effectiveness. The same goes for music! If one piece of music doesn’t fit your definition of what constitutes a rock song, then that probably means it wasn’t a very effective song indeed!

I will go into much greater detail about what makes up a rock song in this article, but first let us look at some non-rock songs. These can be anything from jazz to hip hop to folk to techno to gospel.

History of rock music

how do you identify rock music

There are many theories about what defines rock music, but one thing is for sure: it’s not easy to classify the genre! Technically, anything that has an accented beat and lyrics can be described as rock music, which makes defining the genre rather difficult.

In this article, we will discuss some of the traits of rock music to help you identify if something is more or less representative of the genre. We will also talk about how some songs fit into the category while others do not.

I should note here that although most people associate rock with having an extended drum loop, a snare roll, and an acoustic guitar in their structure, there are actually several other components that make up the genre. These additional features include treble strings (like those on a piano), bass guitars, use of harmonic rhythm, and sometimes synthesizers.

Styles of rock music

how do you identify rock music

There are many styles of rock music, such as hard rock, grunge, alternative, pop-rock, and more. Each style has its own set of characteristics that make them unique.

Styles usually contain certain lyrics, melodies, and rhythms. When you have those parts in place, it is easy to describe the genre that the piece fits into.

For example, songs with powerful vocals and heavy guitar chords fall under the category of vocalist oriented rock. Songs with soft background vocals and lush instrumentation are categorized as instrumental rock.

Songs with lyrics that tell a story are considered narrative or plot driven. A well known song that falls under this description is “Happy Birthday” by Pink. Check out these lyrics here!

The term power ballad comes from the power and intensity of the voice when singing the chorus. This type of song is very popular because they can be listened to over and over again for their ability to bring up strong emotions. Some examples of power ballads are: Need You Now (Kelly Clarkson), Stay (Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift).

Notable rock bands

how do you identify rock music

Many people associate music with songs, but not all songs are considered music. Some things like symphonies, operas, or instrumental pieces can be categorized as music, however.

Rock is also more than just an genre of music; it’s a style!

A style is just another way to describe how a piece of music sounds. For example, heavy metal is a style that comes really close in sound to opera.

So what makes something qualify as “rock”?

Some defining traits of rock include: rhythmically complex rhythms, an emphasis on lyrics, and use of instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, and/or piano. (For more information about these instruments, check out our article: What Is The Difference Between A Song And Instrumental Track? )

Music lovers will know which artists belong to the rock genre by their lovable personalities and success. Most musicians enjoy sharing their love of music with others through performing, writing songs, and promoting themselves.

Notable rock songs

how do you identify rock music

Many people describe music as a form of expression, something that can motivate you or make you feel bad depending on what song you listen to. They say that certain songs have special lyrics or melodies that stick with you for some reason.

Some even mention how in addition to having strong emotions, the songs use distinctive sounds or rhythm patterns that are easy to recognize.

All of these characteristics help us identify which songs belong to the rock genre. Artists who fit this category use sound effects, complex instrumentation, and emphasis on instrumental parts to tell their story.

Popular rock genres

how do you identify rock music

Many people associate being able to identify rock music with knowing what genre of song someone sang or listening to a lot of artists that use classic instruments, like guitars, basses, and drums. However, there are other characteristics used to determine which category of rock music songs fall into!

Some popular theories for how to classify rock music include looking at the lyrics, determining if the instrumentation has a recurring theme, and studying how the musicians interact with each other.

Heavy metal

how do you identify rock music

Metal is often described as being very aggressive, intense, and powerful. These are all good descriptors for how heavy music makes you feel!

Music that is categorized under the term “heavy” typically has lots of bass, energy, and intensity. What makes this style of music special is its use of strong lyrics with concepts that go beyond just happiness or sadness.

Examples include songs about politics (e.g. Twisted Sister’s I Wanna Destroy You), philosophy (Led Zeppelin-What Is And Isn’t Real), and spirituality (Black Sabbath -God As A Woman). Many musicians in the genre will combine these themes together in one song!

Another defining feature of heavy music is their use of instruments such as guitars, drums, and keyboards. Whether they be rhythm guitar, lead guitar, drumming patterns, or synthy sounds, there is a lot of diversity within the genre.

Overall, heavy music makes us feel energized and empowered! If you ever need to relax after an album you listen to, try some other styles of music.

Dance rock

how do you identify rock music

One of the most defining characteristics of music is its genre. A lot of people assume that if something does not have lyrics, then it cannot be considered music. This is quite wrong! Technically, anything with sounds attached to them can be called music. For example, someone singing or chanting rhymes can create their own music.

Dance songs often lack vocals but they are still considered part of the category “rock” due to the use of guitar riffs, bass lines, and drums. These elements combine into what many consider to be the heart of rock music — the rhythm.

Music with strong rhythms are very popular and will always find a large audience. Many musicians base their style on incorporating such rhythms in their songs. As mentioned before, anyone can write a song with melodies and/or lyrics, so why not do both? Creating your own musical style is an excellent way to experiment and learn new things about music.

Country rock

how do you identify rock music

What is country rock? Many people refer to it as Americana, roots music or just plain old rural America music. Some even describe it as backwoods or mountain music due to its inspiration from local cultures in towns and countryside areas. Others say it’s just about being positive and happy!

Whatever you call it, it’s definitely not boring. It can be hard to define at times because there are so many artists that fit this genre category.

Country rock has some strong traditions like using acoustic instruments and incorporating folk elements into the songs. There are also bands who use electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboards and drums.

Overall, these musicians strive to write lyrics that discuss themes such as love, life and death, hope and despair, success and failure, and how to relate to other humans. These songs make listeners feel good and/or bad depending on their own state of mind.

Many artists in this style are known for their vocal talent alone. They may experiment with different genres and time periods, making this style very diverse.

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